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Wells Fargo Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 17 Feb, 2021
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In the ongoing placement season, many companies visited our college to offer summer internships and full-time placements. Wells Fargo visited in the month of September, offering summer internships to pre-final years.  

Many students applied for the same. The initial shortlist was based on various factors like CGPA, Resume, and so on. After this, Round 1 was conducted for the 138 shortlisted students.

Round 1 Online Test: Round 1 was an online test held on Amcat which consisted of three sections:

  • English: It consisted of questions related to basic vocabulary and grammar, finding errors, framing sentences, etc.
  • Business: It consisted of the graph and scenario-based questions which were a bit tricky. This section also had some questions related to stocks and trading.

In these sections, free navigation was not allowed i.e one could not go back to the previous question. Also, there was no negative marking.

27 students were selected out of 138 for the Interview rounds.

Round 2 Technical Interview: The next round was a technical interview conducted over a Zoom call. The interviewer was very friendly and started by asking me to introduce myself. The introduction was followed by some coding questions on arrays and a linked list. The question on the linked list was:  

Find the next greater element for a node in a singly linked list and store in an pointer of the node itself. (The node had three parts: the value/data, next pointer, and next greater element pointer). The interviewer wanted an efficient approach, so we discussed this question for quite a while. This question was followed by theory questions. I have mentioned a few of them below:

  1. What are different types of memory?
  2. What is Virtual Memory?
  3. Difference between Linked List and Array
  4. How data is stored internally in a HashMap

Round 3 Techno+HR Interview: This round was also conducted over a Zoom call. It lasted for about 40-45 mins. There was a discussion about my skills, projects, and experience in my Resume.

  1. Started with my introduction and experience in college.
  2. Internship: Experience and what I learned during my internships(I had done 2 internships with start-ups).
  3. Skills and projects: Discussion regarding my skills in web development and projects that I had worked upon.
  4. Some questions like linear vs non-linear data structures, inheritance and other features of oops, array vs linked list vs graphs, etc.

Technical and Techno+HR round was conducted on the same day with a gap of around 1-2 hours.  

Round 4 Managerial Interview: In the evening on the same day when the technical interview and techno+HR interview were conducted, I got a call for the managerial interview and I had to be ready in 15 mins for the same. There were questions regarding my short-term and long-term goals, strengths, and weaknesses, location preference(Hyderabad or Bangalore). It lasted for about 15 mins.

Out of 27 shortlisted students, 10 of us got selected


  • Basic knowledge of Concepts of DSA, DBMS, OOPS, OS, CAO is crucial.
  • Be honest in your Resume, or it may backfire during the interview, as they discuss almost everything in the resume from your skills to projects to interests.
  • Be confident and honest throughout the interview process and if you don’t know the answer to a question, admit it rather than saying something wrong.
  • The interviewers are friendly and will make you feel comfortable if you are nervous.

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