Wells Fargo FTE Interview Experience

Round 1: First round was an online test on AMCAT platform which consisted of 3 sections

English: 25 questions for 25 minutes – Questions were of medium difficulty- Comprehensive passages, error detections and completing the sentences with appropriate phrases or words.

Business Analytics: 14 questions for 25 minutes: Questions were of medium difficulty and required the presence of mind and strong analytical skills. Interpretation of stocks price fluctuation through graphs and tables and some other questions which could be easily answered if you have some idea of economies.

Coding: The coding section consisted of 2 questions for 45 minutes. One was to find the number of non-repeating characters in a string which was very easy if you use a hashmap. The other was to find the longest common substring starting from index 0 of all the strings in an array of strings.

Round 2: This round was pen-paper coding plus aptitude round. 

This round had two riddles based on analytical thinking, logical reasoning questions on sitting arrangements, and a few diagrammatic reasoning questions. Technical MCQs on data structures, OS and Java. Two coding questions of medium level was there.

Round 3: This was a Technical Interview Round

Various questions from the resume walkthrough and discussion on the projects done in the four years of college. The interviewer asked me some questions from OOPs concepts and relating to OS. Discussion of the thought process in the written questions in Round 2.

Round 4: This was the final Techno-HR round.

The interviewers asked me both technical questions, from my resume and my favorite subject(that is chosen by me). General HR questions like difference between leader and boss, are you a team player, what challenges did you face while working in a team, how to handle situations where views conflict in a team, etc. He also asked me to convince him that I don’t want to go for higher studies or want to do a startup or family business.

The key is to stay confident and be honest at every answer and avoid guessing any technical answers. Be frank and confident and let them know you have no idea about that right now but you can learn it eventually. HR rounds demand honesty and confidence.

All the best 🙂

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