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Wells Fargo Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2020
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Round 1 – Online Test :

This was an Online Test round which was conducted on AMCAT platform. There were 3 sections. 

The first section was Verbal and consisted of basic error finding, grammatical errors, finding out the gist of the passage and related questions. There were around 10 questions to be done in 15 minutes and one can’t go back and change the answer or look at the previously attempted questions, i.e. no free navigation allowed. There wasn’t any negative marking here.

The second section mainly dealt with stocks, some concepts of economics, trading etc. There were questions related to selecting the best possible action for a company, given a scenario. No free navigation allowed, 14 questions to be completed in 25 minutes, no negative marking.

The third section was the coding section. There were 2 questions. The questions were a bit tricky and very lengthy. Summary of the questions is as follows:

First Question :

There are N employees. The employer assigns them certain projects in group and they were graded on the basis of the error score. Since the error became too high, the employer decided to give some bonus projects to the group members. If a person is doing the extra project, then the error of that particular person decreases by P, and the error of all other group members decreases by Q. Find the minimum number of projects to be taken so that the error of all person’s in the group is reduced to 0. An array of size N with error score was given along with P,Q.

Second question :

There are N towers each having certain bandwidth of signal. The bandwidth of the signal refers to the maximum length till which a signal can be found. Find the indexes of the towers such that the signal reaches from index 0 to index N-1 with minimum number of towers involved. If multiple indexes with same number of towers are there, print the one which is the smallest. Eg: if 4,5,8 and 4,6,7 are there; print 4,5,8 .

I solved the first question completely and the second question partially. Time allotted was 1hr.

Interview process:

Round 2 – Tech Round :  

The interviewer was very friendly and started off with asking me to introduce myself. I pitched in my interests at this time. He started of by scanning my resume and asked me everything I had mentioned in the resume in detail. I had 2 projects in Machine Learning and 1 in Deep Learning. He asked me about the various algorithms in ML, the datatypes that are allowed and not allowed. How can we use string datatype in ML . A lot many questions on the projects that I had done, about the accuracy of certain classifiers I used, why I chose a particular classifier, how could the accuracy be increased, 99th percentile algorithm (I didn’t know what it was so I denied). He asked me about basics of Pandas, Numpy, Anaconda, Git/GitHub etc. After this, questions on difference between C/C++/Python, difference between compiler and interpreter, questions related to OOPS and time complexity of sorting algorithms. He asked me to write code to make a pyramid, questions based on implementation of hash-maps, binary search tree and strings. This round lasted for about 45-50 minutes.

P.S : Concepts of SQL, DBMS and file handling  were asked to some of my friends

Round 3 – Managerial Round – Tech+HR :

Questions on project, types of Machine Learning, difference between ML and DL, questions on Cloud services. Everything that was mentioned in my CV was asked about. No coding questions were asked in this round but concepts of OOPS ,Python and C++ were asked. Since I was from non CS branch, the interviewer wanted to find why I had interest in the software field, how did I learn to code and if given a choice between my core branch and software, which one would I opt for. Questions like – Competitors of Wells Fargo, How did you hear about the company, if given an opportunity to work in some other tech giant, which one would you prefer .  This round lasted for about 30 minutes.

Round 4 – HR Round :

Questions like why Wells Fargo, location preference among Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore , short term and long term goals were asked. I had mentioned in my CV about an ongoing project and hence the interviewer asked by when the project will be completed. The round lasted for 15 minutes.

RESULT : Selected for the Internship. 

In total, 5 students were selected for the HR round out of which only 3 were selected for the Internship.

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