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Walmart Labs Interview Experience (On-Campus for FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2020

Round 1:Online Coding round on HackerEarth(60 min) 

The Round consisted of MCQ questions from aptitude, OS, DBMS and C programming and one Coding question 

  1. 25 MCQ questions
  2. Coding question: Given an integer array, find maximum absolute difference, for an element, between the count of numbers which are greater than the element and appears on the left side of the element in the array and the count of numbers which are less than the element and appears on the right side of the element in the array. The element shouldn’t be the first or the last element.

Input : 2 6 4 1 8 5 7 3       Output: 4 (maximum difference is for ‘6’ which is 4) 

Similar Question can be found at:

20 students were shortlisted for the next round, I was the last one. Tip: Focus on the MCQs as well, they can make the difference(atleast they did for me). 

Round 2: FTF Technical round(15-20 min) 

The questions asked were: 

  2. How to check if two numbers are equal or not without using logical or arithmetic operator: My solution was to use Bit-wise and operator.
  3. Short discussion on projects I did and my role in it.
  4. Whether I have done any front-end part in any of the projects? Realising that the interviewer would be having a wide variety of questions on it compared to the basic knowledge that I possessed, I replied No.

He asked me to write complete code on paper(only functions), so I did. I solved it using a map to store nodes of the tree corresponding to their level and then printing them level-wise in alternate fashion(initially right to left, then left to right and so on). TIP: Keep speaking whatever you are doing in the paper, even if it’s a basic base case. 

Round 3: FTF Technical Round(40-45 min) 

After a formal introduction, The interviewer asked me these questions: 

  1. To convert a given tree into its mirror tree:
  2. To find maximum Sub-matrix sum: 
  3. Given a Graph of nodes, I had to design an effective strategy to find out which nodes are alive and which are not. There can be multiple solutions for it. My solution was to use Dijkstra algorithm to send a packet to the nearest node starting from a initially selected node. The packet would contain a table to mark that whether the node is alive or not. I also used a acknowledgement message to be sent back to the parent node to indicate that it received the packet and sent it forward. If no acknowledgement is received in a certain interval, the parent sends the signal to next nearest node marking the earlier node as dead. The interviewer was satisfied with my solution, although she also asked some other questions on functioning which I answered.

I wasn’t asked to write complete code this time so I wrote pseudo code quickly for the first question .I wasn’t able to answer the second question on my first attempt. The interviewer was kind enough to give me more time and asked me to try it again. After taking some time, I Improvised Kadane’s algorithm to give a nearly correct solution, to which she was satisfied. She asked me whether I have any questions for her, to which I asked about the work culture, opportunities etc. At last I asked her to give me a feedback on my interview. I was told to wait for the next round. 

Round 4: FTF Semi-Technical Round.(30-40 min)

The interviewer sounded very friendly and asked me for a formal introduction. He asked me which was my favourite projects among the projects I mentioned in my Resume. I selected the most recent one. He then asked me to explain it thoroughly, which I did explaining every steps in details. He cross-questioned me several times but each time I had an answer. He then asked me about my extra-curricular activities, looking at my resume (I was Head of sponsorship department in iiita’s cutural fest). I told him my roles, things which I did and difficulties I faced. He asked me to approach him as a company to ask for sponsorship. I did and he was visually impressed by it. Then he asked me if I have any questions for it, to which I again asked a variety of questions. And again on asking for a feedback, he told me it was good, and to wait for next round. 

Round 5: HR Round(15-20 min)

The HR was very friendly and we had a good conversation. General HR questions were asked: 

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Why Walmart?
  3. What are your weaknesses?
  4. Several corporate life situations involving a moral problems and my approach to handle it.
  5. Some questions from my resume, including football and cultural festival.

The HR round was all about communication skills and basic ideology about something. All you have to do is remain calm and answer confidently. 5 out of 7 students who had a HR round were selected. I was one of them 🙂 

General Tips: 

  1. Focus on DP and Binary tree as most of the questions asked in interviews in my campus as well as many other interview experiences that I have read, were from it.
  2. Be thorough with your projects and your role in it. If you aren’t confident with one, don’t include it in your resume
  3. Whatever you answer, answer it confidently. Always speak out whenever you are answering a question on a paper. Interviewers often look more for right approach than a perfect answer.

Thankyou for reading my experience, All the best for yours.

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