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Walmart Labs Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 10 Jun, 2019

Recently walmart labs came to our campus for campus recruitment. Here is my interview experience:

Round 1 (MCQ + Coding Questions)
This round was conducted on hackerearth and consisted of 12 MCQ’s from ds, oops, aptitude, network etc and 3 coding questions

Q1. Given n strings consisting of ‘R’ and ‘B’. Two strings can be only combined if last character of first string and first character of second string are same. Given n strings, you have to output the maximum length possible by combining strings.



Q2. Find the maximum digit occurred in a range of prime numbers Eg: Range ( 21 -40) –>Prime numbers are 23,29,31,37,39 ( 2 occurs 2 times, 3 occurs 4 times, 1deep discussionime and 9 occurs 2 times ->Answer is 3)

Q3. Some question related to DP

Round 2 (Technical)

a. First there was a deep discussion on my project. Questions related to Scalability were asked. I was asked to draw the schema of my database and make it more efficient, questions related to normalization were also asked. Long Discussion on NoSQL.

b. Top view of Binary tree but i told the interviewer that i know the answer and he seemed impressed with my honesty. Was asked to implement Hashmap in C and one question related to hashmap was asked.
There are two hashmaps and we have to find common entries, deleted entries, inserted entries and updated entries in an efficient way.

Round 3 (Technical)

a. All the questions which i attempted in my coding round were asked to explain.
b. This question was asked:

First, I gave recursive solution and then the optimized DP Solution.
c. Output question on OOPS (Please be thorough with your oops concept as they are very important)
d. Detecting the starting of loop in linked list and was asked to explain how it works.
e. Given a binary tree, whether it is a BST?

Round 4 (Technical)

A long discussion on my other projects and then he gave me design question in which he asked me to design a data structure to represent the situation ( You really can’t prepare for these types of questions but make sure that you know all the important data structures from linked list to Segmentation Tree)

Round 5 (HR)

Basic HR Questions were asked.

Thanks and Regards

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