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Walmart Labs On-Campus Interview Experience | SDE-2

Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2020
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Round 1: First Round consisted of few aptitudes, question on CN, DBMS, OS and one coding question. Coding question was probably to find the smallest sub string with maximum unique characters.

Round 2: Second Round was a Technical Round where they asked questions on projects, Data Structure ( mainly on graphs and trees). There were several discussions on OS, CN, CO and DBMS.

Round 3: Third round was again a technical round where number of pen and paper coding happened and System Design was tested. Several questions on CN and CO were also asked. Many questions on Cryptography were also asked

Round 4: Fourth round was a managerial round but questions were asked from OS and CN. Then he explained about the perks in Walmart Labs. Questions like if u have conflict with someone and you need to work with him, What should one do? Few more questions like Why Walmart? were asked.

Round 4: Fifth round was an HR round where they asked about family such as father’s occupation, mother’s occupation, no of sibling and their occupation. Some questions were asked on strength and weaknesses.


Way of Preparation: I practiced coding from LeetCode, Aptitude from IndiaBix, and Interview Experiences from GeeksforGeeks. Subject wise preparation, I did from Gate Notes and System Design I did from the book Fundamentals of Database Systems by S. Navathe.

Advice for the particular company: Be prepared with sockets, cryptography, SQL and OS apart from Data Structure Algorithm, System Design and Aptitude.

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