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Walmart Labs Interview Experience – Software Engineering Internship(On-Campus)

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Walmart Labs visited our campus(IIT Kharagpur) on 7 Sep 2019 for hiring interns. All departments were eligible for applying and CGPA cut off was 7.0. Around 510 students applied for the company. 

Round 1: 

It was a 1 hour test hosted on hackerearth. Total marks was 100 out of which 50 marks was based on 25 MCQs( Aptitude, DBMS, OOPS) and rest 50 marks was based on a coding question(medium difficulty). The coding question was based on combinatorics, binary search and moudular airthmetic. It also required to write the power(x, y) function to calculate x^y in log(n) time complexity. I solved the question in around 15 minutes and gave rest of the time to MCQs. My background was mechanical engineering so I was not able to solve some technical MCQ questions of DBMS and Computer Architecture but still I solved all the aptitude questions correctly. I would say that I would have gotten 82/100 in the test. 20 students out of 510 were shortlisted for next round and I was one of them. Most probably I think that all students who solved the coding questions with all test cases passed were shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 2: 

Surprisingly next round was HR round. There was no technical round. The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me about my previous internship. Then he asked me if I am a teamwork kind of person or individual kind of person. I said it depends on situation but generally I am a teamwork kind of person. Then he gave me a some situations and I have to tell how would I tackle those. Then he asked me that do you believe in hard work or smart work to which I said smart work and then he asked me to tell me a situation where I have done smart work. Then he asked about my family background, willing to relocation and some more questions about myself. 

Result: 5 students out of 20 were selected and I was one of them. I would say for the HR round, answer the HR questions such that interviewer would feel that you are a perfect fit for the comapny. He would give certain situations and answer those thinking that what would be the best for his comapny. Also prepare a nice answer for “Tell me about yourself question”. Also don’t loose confidence if you stammer in speaking english fluently. I was not able to speak english with much fluency but I was confident enough. 

Thanks geeksforgeeks for helping me getting selected. Actually some person previously wrote about walmart internship interview experience and there I found at there would be no techincal round and directly HR round.  So .I focused more on HR round preparation and this helped me in clearing HR round.

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2021
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