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Walmart Interview Experience

Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2023
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Here’s my Walmart Interview Experience:

Coming from a tier 3 college, I faced the challenge of seeking offline opportunities. After much effort, I managed to secure a referral from my connections on LinkedIn.

The interview process consisted of multiple rounds:

Technical Round 1 (60 Mins): In this round, they skipped the coding section due to the strength of my profile. Instead, I was asked two problem-solving questions related to Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), focusing on Stacks and Trees. The problems were of Medium-Hard difficulty. Additionally, since I would be working with Java in the team, they also asked Java-related questions and some Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts. Furthermore, they inquired about my previous job projects.

Technical Round 2 (60 Mins): This round began with a discussion about my previous projects, followed by two DSA problems, one involving Linked Lists and another on Dynamic Programming (DP). Additionally, the interviewer asked Core Java-related questions based on my previous project. The round concluded with a task to write an SQL query.

Techno-manager Round (60 Mins): The focus of this round was my previous job experiences. They delved into deep questions about my previous companies, including some pressure questions such as why I wanted to work at Walmart. I handled this round diplomatically, providing thoughtful responses.

HR Round: The final round was the HR round, which was relatively straightforward. They asked about my projects once again and inquired about my knowledge of Walmart, as well as my reasons for wanting to join the company.

Suggestions for Job aspirants :

  • Practice DSA consistently
  • Keep brushing up on your development tech stack
  • Add valuable projects to your resume
  • Keep your online profile up to date
  • Never give up

Ultimately, I received the offer to join as an SDE (Software Development Engineer).

Throughout my preparation, I faced various challenges while preparing independently. As a result, I would suggest structuring your preparation and determining the appropriate upskilling path that aligns with your goals.

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