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VMware Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Online Test: Duration : 100mins

  • Aptitude 
  • Computer Basics(OS,DBMS,CN) total 30 questions 
  • 1 coding question 
  • Any 2 sections of (C, C++, Java, Python) consists of 5 questions each

Coding Question: 

  1. Given a matrix of integer, you have to find one ‘I’ and one ‘T’ such that sum of elements lying on it becomes maximum.


    * * *


    * * *

    (3 * top row 1 * in middle row middle column 3 * in bottom row)


    * * *




    (3 * in top row 1 * in 2nd row 2nd column 1* in 3rd row 2nd column 1* in 4th row 2nd column)

Round 1(Technical Round): Duration: 45-50 Mins

  • Tell me about yourself
  • 3sum:
  • no of rotation in sorted rotated array:
  • ACID Asked deeply on durability to give an example
  • Synchronization
  • Little bit about project(It was in my case, but I was totally prepared for project. So be prepared, they may ask you.)

Round 2(Managerial Round): Duration: 30-35 Mins

  • Why VMWARE(Better to concentrate during PPT to get answer for these questions)
  • Quick sort Time complexity
  • Given a huge array, you can’t store this in your system at a time. You need to sort them. How will you do this.
  • Do you know about multithreading?
  • Can we use multithreading in above problem?
  • How to synchronize different threads(Read such language specific things)
  • Some managerial question like if there is conflict to choose among multiple solution for a problem how will you deal with this?
  • Suppose some members are refusing to work with that finalized approach, how do you deal this?

(Waited for nearly 1hr).

Round(HR Round): Duration: 12-15 Mins

  • Basic discussion. 
  • Family background? 
  • Why VMWare? 
  • What did you learn from PPT? 
  • He also asked me to give a feedback for interview process?
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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2021
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