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VMware Interview Experience 2019-20 | On-Campus

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VMware gave a surprise 2nd visit in our campus – “KIIT University, Bhubaneswar” this August. In total it consisted of 6 rounds:-
  1. Online Written Round by HirePro
  2. Classroom Coding Discussion (Newly included this time)
  3. Technical Round-1
  4. Technical Round-2
  5. Managerial Round
  6. HR Round
Written Round was held on 17th August 2019.They declared the result on 20th August followed by the next rounds held on 21st August. After the online written round, they gave a PPT. Round 1: Online Written Test (on HirePro platform) Out of 350 approx applicants it shortlisted 152-155 students for the online written test. There were 3 sections.
  1. First section included Quantitative Aptitude+Logical Reasoning+Verbal Ability+Data Interpretation questions. Aptitude questions were basically from – Time & Work, Probability, Profit & Loss (medium difficulty). I found Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning questions somehow easy (anybody with good observation & practice could make it to answer)
  2. Second section included Technical MCQ(s) questions from the core CSE subjects. Questions were mainly from CN(Computer Networks), Data Structures & Algorithms, OS(Operating System), DBMS(Database Management System), some Linux Commands.Medium difficulty – anybody with basic understanding can solve them.
  3. Third section included 1 Coding question. You can choose only from the given languages :- C, C++, JAVA7, JAVA8. I opted for JAVA8 to code the same. Question was :- Given two strings of equal length, you have to calculate the total distance between those two strings and thus print the distance.Example – Two string was : – “smile”   “smoke”. Then the answer should be -5.
33 students made up-to the round 2. Round 2: Classroom Coding Discussion This was their all new round added this year. All the students were provided with a Case and a white sheet. We were given 20 minutes to study and come up with an approach and explain that with the help of diagrams in the sheet. I drew Use-Case Diagram, Class Diagram and a Sequence Diagram. After that one by one, candidates were called to explain their approach to the interviewer.I don’t exactly remember the exact problem statement but it was on the topic  “Cafeteria Management System in a Company”. 25 students made to the 3rd round. Round 3: Technical Round 1 My Technical Round lasted for almost 20-30 minutes. Firstly he framed questions based on my Resume, the projects which i have mentioned. Questions were mainly asked from Database, Data Structure, Collection Framework in JAVA.(I felt they were biased towards JAVA). Some questions are :-
  • What is indexing? Explain everything you know about indexing?
  •  He provided me with a question on normalization and asked me to reduce it to 2nd, 3rd NF.
  • Where BCNF is used in real world?
  • Some questions on JOINS, CROSS PRODUCT?
  • He provided me with a code of nested for loop and asked for the total number of records it will read and also asked for an alternative method to avoid the use of nested for loop.
  • What is Lazy Loading and Eager Loading?
  • Given a string of multiple words eg- “You are Ridhi Shree”, reverse the string efficiently “Shree Ridhi are You”.    (I wrote in Python)
  • In which field (Networking, Coding, Development) i’m inclined towards and why?
  • Which is my favourite language and why?
Round 4: Technical Round 2 This round lasted for about 40-45 minutes. Firstly asked me to introduce myself in not more than 2 minute.Again some more questions on my resume. So this was basically deep dive to judge the basic clarity of the candidate . Some questions are:-
  • What do you mean by Github? (since i’d mentioned my github profile)
  • What is object?
  • What is mean by OOP(Object Oriented Programming)?
  •  What are the features of OOP?
  • Explain class, object, inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation with appropriate example. (Try to use real world example as this impresses them)
  • How well versed are you with Data Structures?
  • How well will you rate yourself in Java on a scale of 10?
  • What is Collections in JAVA? Name the different Collection Frameworks  in JAVA?
  • Difference between Array List and Linked List?
  • Write a program in JAVA to check a given string is palindrome or not?
  • Write a program in JAVA to count the occurrence  of each character in a string. (Asked for an efficient code)
  • What is HashMap?
  • What is Set?
  • Why we are using set if we already have linked list?                                                                                (Ans – Set dosen’t allow duplicate items, while linked list does.)
  • What is mean by Exception?Tell everything you know about exception?
  • What are checked and unchecked exceptions?Name some of them.
  • Lastly asked  – “Any questions for me?”   (Tip :- Never say no, as this can create a negative impact)
Now only 11-12 students went to round 5. Round 5: Managerial Round I was the first to go through this round.The Manager of the recruitment team took my interview. Many of the questions were repeated from the round 4. Some of the additional questions are:-
  • Write a program for encapsulation. (Any Language, i wrote in JAVA)
  • Write a simple program to handle exception.   (i wrote in JAVA)
  • What is design pattern?  [i told that i don’t have proper idea about it, then he helped me by giving some hints about  Singleton class and singleton Sets)
  • What is Polymorphism? Explain with the help of an example.
  • What is Run Time and Compile Time Polymorphism? Explain with the help of examples.
  • Write a SQL Query to  design 3 tables named – 1st Shopping Cart, 2nd Items, 3rd Price_of_Items and perform following operations – Extract some elements from the table Items with their respective prices from table Price_of_Items, then Insert those data into the table Shopping Cart. [Note:- All they need is your logic and how well do you know about JOINS and other database connection operations, don’t worry about the exact query]
  • What is HashMap? [I explained it by taking a real world entity called dictionary]
  • Lastly he asked “Any Questions for me”?
10 students made it to the final round including me. Round 6: HR Round Again I was the first to give this round. I found this round quite easy as compared to other rounds since it was all about yourself.All you need is to be natural and genuine about your answers. Also the HR interviewer was very friendly. Some questions are:-
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Now tell me something that is not in your resume.  [I mentioned about my youtube channel, which marked his attention.]
  • How much will you rate the selection process of VMware? [I told 5/5]
  • Why so? [He cheerfully added]
  • Any challenges you have faced?What you have learned out of it?
  • What will the proudest moment for you in these past/ongoing 4 years of
  • Tell me about your family?
  • In which field you want to work with us?
  • Lastly he asked – “Any questions for me”?
After all the rounds were over, 6 students (including me) was selected for Internship+FTE(Full Time Employee) and 1 got only internship for 6 months in VMware. He was told that if his performance would be good enough to match the company requirements and if they will have vacancy, he might be provided with FTE offer. We all were provided with a vmware T-shirt and some pictures along with the university T&P officials and vmware recruitment team were taken. The recruitment process was very enthralling.   Note :-  Always be natural and genuine in interview either it is Technical or HR, don’t try to bluff as they will catch it anyhow you never know. Be confident about your answer.Its okay if you don’t know any answer about any question, politely say “SORRY SIR, I DON’T HAVE ANY/MUCH IDEA ABOUT IT.” or “I AM NOT MUCH CONFIDENT ABOUT THE ANSWER, BUT IF YOU WANT I CAN SHARE MY IDEA! “ This attitude can create a positive impact on the person in-front you. (I am saying because this is what i do when i’m not sure about the answer) Hope this provide you some help regarding your preparation. “GOOD LUCK, STAY MOTIVATED!” “HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF” Thank You!

Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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