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Visa Interview Experience | Set 5

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Written Round:
75 minutes Test on Mettle.
Assessment Composition:
1. Coding Skills: 2 Questions (One que is from DP(easy one like 0-1 knapsack) and other is array)
2. Programming: 10 Questions
3. Machine Learning Hadoop MCQ: 6 Questions
4. Networking MCQ: 6 Questions
5. Operating System: 6 Questions
6. Infrastructure: 6 Questions
7. Application Security: 6 Questions

First Round (20 min):

– First he told me about himself, then he asked about project.

– My one project was basic UNIX shell,so he asked me to make one and try to illustrate(mainly focus on FORK and EXEC).

– SDLC from software engg.

Second Round (1 Hour):

– Tell me about yourself and then project..(try to elaborate project as much as u can).

– Digital Signature (Don’t start with its definition,always start with situation/example considering there is no digital signature and then its use and importance ).

– D-dos attack and how to stop it.(i told it with help of IDS and IPS)

– Explain working of IDS and IPS.

– Context switching,Starvation ,aging (Again try to explain).

– Difference b/w Micro kernel and macro kernel.

– Difference b/w argument and parameter.

– Indexes in DBMS.

-Diff b/w Interface and Abstract class.

– Different topology in networking.

– Where should u prefer BUS topology instead of ring topology and vice verse.

– Que from unix-

        1-Mode switching

        2-Single User system(i had no idea about this que,but i tried to explain it with pseudo terminal and we restrict its value to 1).

        3-Find a pattern in a file(use grep).

        4- cat command and how can we use it for input to a file (explain).

– SDLC and different type of model and steps in different model.

– Situation que – Client want his project in very small time span,then which SDLC model will u prefer…(i answered him PROTOTYPE model but this was wrong ,correct is RAD model,but try to explain any model u choose to develop project).

– Analytic que- Two trains start from equator and start running in different direction and they will never collide…so which train will have more wear n tear first…9use concept of rotation,relative motion and air resistant).

– Lateral thinking que- A man went to a bar and as he reached to bar-tender,bar-tender showed him a gun and that man left that bar…explain scenario.

I had only two technical rounds but some of my frndz had three.Following ques r asked from my frnds

– XSS attack


– Digital Certificate.

– OOPs concept

HR Round:
Tell me about yourself. Tell something about school life (Prepare some fiction out of box story for this que). Why should we hire you.Where do you see yourself in next 5 yr. Any plan for Post-graduation(M.S)..(play diplomatically in this ans). One puzzle of 8 balls containing one defective ball and then some condition like u don’t know whether defective ball is light or heavy than others.

That’s all about my experience.

TIP: Prepare CRYPTOGRAPHY and try to ans as much as u can and in details, even if u dont have enough knowledge about that que…ALL THE BEST

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Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2015
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