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Visa Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

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I had three rounds of interviews for Visa on campus (all technical).

First round majorly focused on the projects I had done as part of my curriculum. Then some basic coding stuff where the interviewer was mainly trying to see the approach. Some questions related to sorting techniques.
He was also interested in the real time projects that I worked on during my interns at Amazon. So I was asked about all that I did there and then some questions on spring framework and dependency injection (amazon intern project related stuff).

Second Round:
Here the discussion started with OS and networking. General questions on race condition, semaphores, raid structure, deadlocks as well as network layer, data-link layer and transport layer (One who is well acquainted with all the basics of subject can easily answer them all). Some machine learning discussion on classifiers, Artificial Neural Networks, and genetic algorithms as well as assembly language programming. A code for a problem which could be solved using BST and then optimizing it.

Third Round:
First the interviewer started with explaining kind of work Visa does and their plans for the technology hub they are opening up in Bangalore and my interests and all. Then some questions related to writing POJO(Plain Old Java Objects) classes and tests for the code (unit tests, integration tests) based on what I mentioned in my resume as part of my intern project. Some aptitude questions and programming stuff again and then about Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts.

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Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2015
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