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Visa Interview Experience | Set 7

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Preliminary Round: (75 minutes test on Mettle)
This test comprises of MCQ and Coding Questions. Following are the details of the test:

MCQ question:

1. Programming: 10 Questions
2. Machine Learning Hadoop : 6 Questions
3. Networking : 6 Questions
4. Operating System: 6 Questions
5. Infrastructure: 6 Questions
6. Application Security: 6 Questions

CODING questions:

2 coding questions.
One of them is simple array question and the other related to Dynamic Programming.

After few months i received the mail for the next round. 🙂

F2F Rounds:

3-4 round of interviews.

I have gone through 4 round of interviews:

First Round (45 min):

I was welcomed by the interviewer with small introduction. Interviewer gone through my Resume.

(NOTE: Interviewer examines the resume thoroughly).

Interviewer started asking question from OOPs concept.
He asked to design any example that covers all the OOPs concept.

Then he started asking questions from Data Structures.

1.Implementation of Doubly Linked List.
2.Extended the first question to sort the Linked List and remove the duplicates.
3.Heap Sort.
4.Different algorithms.

The interviewer looks what strategies you take in order to solve the problem.

Note: Both Algorithms and written Code required.

Moving forward he asked question related to my 6 months Industrial Training and Projects.

Then the interviewer started asking basics questions which touched following topics :


OS: Race Condition,Deadlock,Thread,Process. etc.
DBMS: Delete vs Truncate vs Drop, Where vs Having , Joins, Stored Procedure etc.
Network : IPV4 vs IPV6 , Protocol, TCP/IP , NAT etc.

Moving forward questions related to Android Development since i worked on Android.

Then few minutes conversations related to VISA Inc.

Be careful while preparing your Resume. Interviewer asked questions based on the resume.

Second Round (35-40 min) :


Implementation of Stack.
Different Sorting Algorithms.
Linked List and Array questions.
JAVA related questions that covers Java Collections, Multithreading and basics Java questions.
Network Security and Encryption related questions.
Puzzle (Hour Min hand)
Software Engineering questions.
Operating System questions.
DBMS questions.

Third Round(30 min):

HR round.

HR related questions and puzzle.
Puzzle: 3 ANT PUZZLE.

Fourth Round(10 min):
HR round:

HR related questions and most importantly about the company.

That’s all from my side.

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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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