Veritas Interview Experience for Internship 2021 (On-Campus)

Date- 14, Aug 2020

First round – Consists of 30 questions. 1 Coding question on python. (Python 2 and 3 were only allowed.)

Rest some question were based on basic aptitude and situational questions. Some English grammer questions.  

14 questions were based totally on Python. Some output question and python concepts.

Coding question – Given three integers a,b and bound;

If a*b<=bound

return a*b

else raise Valueerror exception.

Question were very easy and time was 75min. I was able to do it all in 40-45min.

Second round(Virtual meeting on Webex) – Two Questions in 25 min.

1. Given a csv file read a column and make Class for two threads using multithreading and if the value if divisible by 2, store it in first thread and else store in second thread.(Using Python)

Finally print both the threads.

2. Given a csv file read a csv file a perform some task on column.(using Visual Basic).

Third Round – Managerial

There were no technical questions. All HR questions.

1. Recent Failure and what did you learn from it?

2. If I meet your friends and professors, what would they say about you?

3. How committed are you to work with Veritas?

4. Why Veritas?

5. What are your expectations from this internship?

6. What do you know about Veritas?

7. Which technology you like and why? (I told about blockchain and how is it interesting.)

8. Tell me something unique about yourself.

9. You like cooking? What fascinating things did you cook ?

10. Some Resume Specific questions… Like I mentioned about Competitive programming, Blockchain, ML.

Verdict – Not Selected for HR Round.  

11 selected for Technical Round from around 120

7 for Managerial

3 for HR

and Finally 1 got offer.

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