Udaan Interview Experience

Udaan came to our campus to look for SDEs.

The first round was on HackerEarth.It was to build APIs for a hotel management system.
The following functions needed to work:

1.Adding new assets
2.Adding Tasks
3.Adding Workers
4.Allocating Tasks to the workers
5.Displaying all the assets available
6.Displaying tasks assigned to each worker.

Once we got through the first round we were asked to design Dream Eleven(Game System)in 1.5 hours.Their main focus was on trending tech(React.js on FrontEnd and Node.js).While applying for Udaan a good experience on new tech highly matters.Unfortunately I could not proceed to further rounds.There were however another set of interviews for those who could.Some of the interviewers were however very friendly and the overall experience was fine.

All the best.

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