Types of Virtual Organization

Virtual Organization is a flexible network of separate entities which forms a collaboration by connecting companies, institutions or individuals delivering a product or service on the basis of a common business perception. In virtual organization, there is no need of the people to come together at same place at a time in order to deliver the product or service. Branding is the most important factor in the virtual organization in strongly positioning the site on the internet.

There are various types of approaches in implementing virtual organization which are as follows:

  • Mobile Working:
    This type of virtual organization specifies to the mobile employees working in an environment in which mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, e-mail wireless devices, pagers and laptops are required.
  • Virtual Teams:
    Virtual teams are usually developed by the employees of the same organization and may have the employees from external organization. Employees cooperates through e-mails, groupware, the intranet and video conferencing from geographically dispersed locations. They perform parallel responsibilities along with their fundamental responsibilities in the organization.
  • Telecommuting:
    Employees in this type of organization works from a place other than the normal workplace, which could either be their home or some other place. For managing and contacting the head office, telecommuters used the tools such as computers and telecommunications equipment.
  • Hot Desking:
    In these type of virtual organizations, fixed desks assigned to all or few employees is removed. When they arrives, they are accredited a computer workstation through which they can access their documents, files, applications and e-mails. This type of arrangement is suitable for the companies in which members spend a huge amount of time on the customer workplaces.
  • Hoteling:
    This type of organization is similar to the hot desking. Hot desk in this system is provided by the client or customers to the virtual organization employees.
  • Telecentres:
    These type of virtual organizations are placed for the employees generally not available in the telecommuter’s home. It is mostly placed in the associations outside of the major cities and provide space and equipment there.

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