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type command in Linux with Examples
  • Last Updated : 06 May, 2019

The type command is used to describe how its argument would be translated if used as commands. It is also used to find out whether it is built-in or external binary file.


type [Options] command names



  • -a : This option is used to find out whether it is an alias, keyword or a function and it also displays the path of an executable, if available.


    type -a pwd

  • -t : This option will display a single word as an output.
    • alias – if command is a shell alias
    • keyword – if command is a shell reserved word
    • builtin – if command is a shell builtin
    • function – if command is a shell function
    • file – if command is a disk file


    type -t pwd
    type -t cp
    type -t ls
    type -t while

  • -p : This option displays the name of the disk file which would be executed by the shell. It will return nothing if the command is not a disk file.


    type -p dash

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