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TransBit Interview | Set 1

  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017

Procedure: 1 written test, 1 paper coding round, 2 technical + HR round.

1st Written Test: This was really a good written test including C/C++, OS , aptitude, DS and Algo.

2nd Written Test: There were 7 coding question in 45 min 😀

1. You are given two strings like where first string is like “a?b$c+ “, here A? means either A comes zero time or more than one time B$ means either B comes one time or not occur C+ means either C comes zero time or more than one time. The second string is a normal string, check whether the second string follows the first string pattern.

2. You are given a M x N matrix of non-negative integer, you need to find a square K x K matrix such that sum is maximum in that square matrix. (0<=K<=M,N) 3. WA procedure to delete Kth node from front and from end. (when you delete from front then in reaming you need to delete from end). 4. How will you design Tic-Toc game? 5. You are given random() function which return a random number from 1 to 5 now you need generate random number using these function from 1 to 7 with having equal probability of occurring of numbers b/w 1 to 7 . Rest I forget 🙁 I was the topper of this written test. 1st interview Round
They start asking me some general question like about myself, area of interest. About my project in detail, they also told me to write a parallel sorting procedure
[bec. my project was on parallel computing]

1. Design parking slot.

2. Design Library (books management), which DS will you use?

3. You are given a matrix of integers and your task to find an element which is maximum in the row and minimum in column.

4. Discussion on 2nd written test questions.

5. Discussion on Cloud computing and how will implement it.

6. Where you use cloud computing in daily life.

7. What you know about java. How much time will you take to learn java? How java is better than C++, where java is appropriate as compare to C++ and where C++ is more appropriate then java. Write a sample code in java to perform task (question no. 3)

Rest I forget, there were two more questions on Real life application.

2nd Interview Round
This was coding round with one more candidate (he was my classmate). Following question need to be code

1. You are given a matrix such that it is sorted in row as well in column. You need to find an element “k” in it with minimum complexity.

2. A sorted, rotated array was given and need to find an element in it (he was surprised when I wrote that code in single scan in O(logn) time complexity).

Hurray, I got Placed. 🙂

This article is compiled by Nitin Gupta. Many Many congratulations to Nitin for his selction. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks

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