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Paytm Interview Experience for Software Engineer

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020
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The process consisted of 4 rounds:

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview I
  • Technical Interview II
  • Technical + HR

Online Test (70 min): This test had 3 questions and the languages allowed were C, C++, and Java.

  1. Given a number, generate another number using alternate digits from the given number starting from left.
  2. Even numbers at even index and odd numbers at odd index
  3. Closest leaf to a given node in Binary Tree

After this round 14 were shortlisted for the online interviews.

Technical Interview I (70 min): The interview was conducted on Google meet. The interviewer was friendly. Asked me to introduce myself. He took some interest in my projects and asked me to show the code base of anyone. I had to screen share and show him the code. He then asked some questions on React, as I used to React in my project.

From there he went to Java and asked some questions on Collection framework and Garbage Collector. He then asked some questions on OOPs. Asked me to write an example of the interface and abstract class on Notepad(I was sharing my screen) and explain the differences.

Then he asked coding questions. I wrote the codes in GeeksforGeeks online IDE.

  1. Print the reverse of a string recursively.
  2. He gave me an array, which was first sorted in ascending order and then left rotated by some unknown places. I had to write a code to find the smallest number in this array.
  3. Remove duplicates from a given string. In this question, I was not allowed to use hashmap(or unordered map).

This was also an elimination round.

Technical Interview II (70-75 min): The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he shared a Google doc link where he gave the coding questions.

  1. Generalized Fibonacci sequence. For n = 2, we add the previous 2 numbers in the series to get the next number in the series. For a general n, previous n numbers were used to get the next number in the series. for n = 4, the series would be 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, 23, etc. The question was to find the number in the series at a given position. The functional parameters were n and pos.
  2. This was the exact question. for solution refer Find the number of islands.
  3. Then he asked a DBMS query, and some puzzle questions.

And at the end i was asked to calculate the 220  (approximately).

Technical + HR (30 min): The interviewer asked to introduced myself. Then he asked some HR questions around my projects.

Then he ended the interview with a code:

  1. Implement stack using queue.

A total of 5 candidates were selected out of 14.


  1. Practice trees, string and array questions for Online test. Expect at least one question from graph during interviews.
  2. State the Time and Space Complexity of each solution during interviews.

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