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Top 9 Technologies Transforming the Future of Web Development- Comprehensive Guide

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  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2021
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Overview :
Technology is evolving at an extremely rapid pace today. In this Covid-19 pandemic, technology trends saw exponential growth. With almost everything becoming online, starting from schools to foreign affairs meetings, IT professionals have realized their roles will not remain the same always, So either out of desire or compulsion, you need to keep learning the new trends to survive in IT sector. You also need to develop skills for the future to secure and excel in this field. Since most people are working from home in this pandemic, it is an excellent opportunity to keep you updated with the new trends. In this piece of writing, we have mentioned the top nine technologies that are the future of website development, and you must attempt to learn them in 2021.

Technologies :
List of top 9 technologies transforming the future of web development. Below are the names of the nine technologies that will transform the web development future.

Technology-1 :
Quantum Computing

  • Quantum computing is a form of computing that uses quantum phenomena like superposition and entanglement. It has an outstanding ability to query, monitor, analyze, and act on data from any source.
  • The phenomenal qualities of the technology help to prevent the coronavirus spread and to develop potential vaccinations. Banking and finance, credit risk management, fraud detection, and high-frequency trading are other areas of quantum computing applications.
  • Huge brands like Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Honeywell have made large investments in quantum computer production because of the fast speed compared to regular computers.
  • To learn this new trend, master subjects, like linear algebra, probability, information theory, and machine learning. Experts expect that the projects of this sector will surpass $2.5 billion by the year 2029 and will thus offer enormous working opportunities.

Technology-2 :
API- first approach

  • API first trend has gained momentum in the past few years, and many developers are making numerous products using it. It involves developing consistent and reusable APIs to treat these as first-class citizens.
  • We can accomplish this using an API description language. Additional planning and collaboration with stakeholders are also done to get feedback on the design and the written code.
  • This technology trend offers various benefits. Using API first, development teams can now work parallel.
  • It means that teams in an organization can work on multiple APIs at the same time. Not only this, we can use APIs on several projects, which have reduced the cost of developing apps.
  • You do not have to start from scratch while making a new app. APIs also ensure that we resolve most issues before writing any code.
  • It has also helped in increasing the rate at which work is done and supplied to the market. From giving a good developer experience to reducing the risk of failure, the API- first approach offers everything to influence people towards planning their first project.

Technology-3 :
Progressive Web Apps

  • Although Progressive Web Apps or PWA is not the best website development of this year, it has gained the attention of developers and investors recently.
  • PWAs allow the users to view websites on a mobile web browser or desktop with installing no additional applications. It also enables push notifications to provide access to offline content to the users.
  • E-commerce websites, new platforms, and low-budget companies can benefit from this technology by helping them gain an audience with no investments in making dedicated apps for their business.
  • According to a survey, people do 65% of online shopping through websites on mobile devices in the year 2019.
  • The same survey also conveys that people get more easily convinced to visit a website directly rather than downloading certain apps. It explains the massive integration of this technology in the future. To master it, you can start with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular.

Technology-4 :
Artificial Intelligence

  • We know artificial intelligence or AI for its image superiority, speech recognition, navigation apps, and ride-sharing apps.
  • Apart from this, there are also plans to utilize AI in predicting demands of services, like hospitals, helping the authorities in improving resource utilization, and determining changes in customer behavior by analyzing the real-time data. Experts expect that the AI market will grow by $190 billion by the year 2025.
  • It means that Artificial Intelligence will lead to new job creation in development, programming, testing, and maintenance.
  • Today, when this trend is in its early stages, the sector offers salaries as high as $1,25,000 per year. Imagine the enormous opportunities it can offer shortly! So this technology trend must be your top priority learning list.

Technology-5 :
Single Page Website

  • Single-page websites offer seamless communication between the server and the user. Times are gone when actions like clicks on a web page will lead us to other web pages.
  • People prefer information to the point nowadays. It has made single-page applications popular as they offer fast operational services and instant feedback.
  • Single Page website development consumes less and can run without API technology. SPAs help in intercepting particular browser events.
  • The user attention-seeking capability of these websites will make them the most functional ones in the future. Learn JavaScript frameworks to excel in making SPAs. Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and social media platforms, like Facebook are the current examples of single-page websites.

Technology-6 :
Voice Search

  • In the future of web development, users will surely prefer voice searches over text searches. Presently we have virtual multifunctional assistants like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa that utilize voice search optimization.
  • People expect that more and more devices will execute commands given by voice shortly. Not only this with the AI integration, but the devices will also differentiate between our voices.
  • This technology will help in saving time used up in writing commands. It will assist users in copying up with their routine and multi-tasking. It will also offer powerful user behavior analytics.

Technology-7 :

  • Blockchain is the data you can only add to, but you cannot take it away or change.
  • This feature of not making the changes makes it secure. There is no need for a trusted third party to validate transactions as one entity can control the data.
  • Blockchain technology is not limited to crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, and several industries are implementing this trend. To get into this trend, you have to master skills like programming languages, fundamentals of OOPS, data structures, networking, and databases.
  • Blockchain technology use will be in high demand soon, and skilled professionals will get highly paid.

Technology-8 :

  • Although the cybersecurity trend has been around for a while, it is evolving with time.
  • The malevolent hackers constantly develop new threats to access data illegally. Thus, as long as hackers exist, cybersecurity will remain a transforming technology for future development.
  • Companies are also in search of improved security of their and the customer’s data.
  • All these factors will increase the number of jobs here three times faster than in any other field. You can join this sector as an ethical hacker, malware analyst, security engineer, and chief security engineer.

Technology-9 :
Motion UI

  • Innovative web design is another trend in the digital era because visual designs are a marketing strategy.
  • Motion UI has been trending since 2018, but experts argue that its demand will keep on enhancing because companies are paying more attention to the user experience.
  • Motion UI has helped to make digital products more intuitive and clear. You must learn skills like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to excel in this field.

Conclusion :
Technologies are emerging and evolving at a high pace. Relearning and adapting to the changes for survival in the IT sector may seem difficult. But all you need to do is polish some of your basic skills, and a promising career in the website development industry awaits you.

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