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Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2024
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Tech Jobs are a great option for those who are interested in programming and computers as they form a leading employment sector with vast returns for employees. The Information Technology(IT) sector is booming currently, with an estimated 7.7% contribution to the Indian GDP in 2017. Also, the revenue generated by the IT industry in 2018-2019 observed the growth of 8% to reach $167 billion.

In the current technology dominated the world, Tech Jobs are ever increasing in various lucrative fields ranging from Data Analysis to Machine Learning to Cloud Development and so on.

The top 10 highest paying tech jobs in the current scenario are provided below to help you know the market better and maintain your edge in this super-competitive environment.

1. Data Scientist

The Data Scientist analyses complex data to find common trends and patterns that eventually help in making more informed decisions. This involves collecting the data from various sources, cleaning it to ensure accuracy and then using various data models and algorithms to analyze the data. After that, the data scientist may use data visualization techniques to convey the findings to company officials.

Some of the skills required for a Data Scientist are knowledge of statistical analysis, knowledge of programming languages such as Python, SQL, etc. as well as good data intuition and business acumen.

The average pay for a Data Scientist is $141,000 per year.

2. IOT Solutions Architect

The IOT Solutions Architect is responsible for the development of practical IOT solutions and the applications using IOT technology. In essence, the IOT Solutions Architect handles the development of the whole IOT ecosystem. This can involve making abstract IOT ideas more concrete, helping with interdepartmental IOT constructs and so on.

Some of the skills required for an IOT Solutions Architect are knowledge of machine learning, good programming skills, knowledge of hardware architecture as well as knowledge about the IOT solutions.

The average pay for an IOT Solutions Architect is $133,000 per year.

3. Software Architect

The Software Architect interacts with the clients as well as developers to optimize the development process by making various design choices. This requires a keen understanding of software architecture. Also, software prototypes are developed by the Software Architect using the customer requirements to ensure the quality of the design.

Some of the skills required for a Software Architect are technical knowledge, good analytical and programming skills as well as communication and management skills.

The average pay for a Software Architect is $130,000 per year.

4. BlockChain Engineer

The BlockChain Engineer develops and implements digital solutions using the BlockChain technology. So the system architecture, decentralized applications, etc. can be constructed by BlockChain Engineers.

Some of the skills required for a BlockChain Engineer are a thorough knowledge of various technologies that are used in BitCoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc. as well as analytical skills and attention to detail.

The average pay for a BlockChain Engineer is $130,000 per year.

5. DevOps Engineer

The DevOps engineer handles the deployment and network operations of an organization by overseeing the code releases. This involves handling the deployment model, managing the resources for provisioning, monitoring the release performance, etc..

Some of the skills required for a DevOps Engineer are good coding and scripting skills as well as knowledge of DevOps tools such as Gradle, Git, Jenkins, etc. Also, knowledge of Linux or Unix system administration is required.

The average pay for a DevOps Engineer is $123,000 per year.

6. AI Architect

The AI Architect handles the AI development and management of an organization. This involves creating AI solutions for the client as well as creating the system architecture based on the AI frameworks.

Some of the skills required for an AI Architect are knowledge of languages used for statistical computing is required such as Python, R, etc. as well as technologies in the domain of AI such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning, Neural Networks, etc.

The average pay for an AI Architect is $119,000 per year.

7. Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect manages the cloud computing strategy of an organization which includes cloud management, cloud application design, cloud architecture, cloud deployment models, etc.

Some of the skills required for a Cloud Architect are the knowledge of an operating system such as Linux, Unix, etc, knowledge of cloud computing services, cloud security, etc.

The average pay for a Cloud Architect is $118,000 per year.

8. Data Warehouse Architect

The Data Warehouse Architect creates data warehouse designing solutions and works with data warehouse technologies for effective management in a company. In essence, the vast amounts of data in the data warehouse of a company is controlled by the Data Warehouse Architect.

Some of the skills required for a Data Warehouse Architect are knowledge of data warehousing technologies and database design, knowledge of some technologies such as J2EE, Cognos, etc. as well as communication skills.

The average pay for a Data Warehouse Architect is $116,000 per year.

9. Full Stack Developer

The Full Stack Developer has the ability to work on all aspects of application development and so requires the knowledge of both the front-end and back-end development as well as database, networking, system infrastructure, etc.

Some of the skills required for a Full Stack Developer are the basics of database technologies, web development, API development, etc. Also, knowledge of various technologies such as AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js, etc is required.

The average pay for a Full Stack Developer is $110,000 per year.

10. Data Security Analyst

The Data Security Analyst handles the security of computers and the network as well as overseeing the system protection infrastructure. The security policies of the company are also imparted to the employees by the Data Security Analyst.

Some of the skills required for a Data Security Analyst are knowledge of computer networks and operating systems as well as information about the risk management factors.

The average pay for a Data Security Analyst is $90,000 per year.

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