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15 Tips to Use Google Search Engine More Efficiently

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Google Search Engine is one of the most widely used and leading search engines. It is used by millions of people on a daily basis. Students, working professionals, or be they anyone, use Google search engines for various reasons. Everyone has their own list of things to search on the Google search engine. But do you know that there are many ways that allow you to use it more efficiently? Are you using the Google search engine in the right way or the smarter way? Probably the answer is No


In this article, we’ll be looking at the 15 best tips to use Google search more efficiently. Let’s read about them one by one.

Smarter Ways To Use Google Search Engine

Here are some of the best practices you have to remember while using the Google Search Engine for next time. Using these small and best techniques while searching on Google can give you a better experience with Google search engines and also you can save a bit of time while you google.

1. Google Advance Search

While searching for a topic on the Google Search Engine you will get lots of results. Some of them are based on your actual keywords of search and some results are suggestions based on your search. Not all results are always relevant to your search or not always useful for you, here google advance search can do the right for you. You have to follow these steps:

  • Search Keyword on Google.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Advance Search.

The window of the advanced search will appear where you can narrow your search by

  • Language
  • Upload Time
  • Particular Region

2. Google Tools

Using Google Search Tools while searching a particular topic or image on Google can give you better results with plenty of useful options to select from. You can select the size of the image and also the color of that which you want to get in particular color options. 


Users can select anything as per their requirements like

  • Size
  • Color
  • Type and Time

3. Google Safe Search

Using Google Safe Search while you or your children Google something on the web is one of the smarter ways to explicitly filter results that are not useful for you or your child. You can protect your child from fake and explicit results on Google search results. You can turn it on or off anytime using Google search settings.

Google Safe Search

SafeSearch can be turned on for:

  • Personal Account
  • Children’s Supervised Account
  • Private and School Devices

4. Verbatim Search

Google gives two options for your search results the default is All results and the other option for your searched keyword is verbatim, which gives the exact result of the same words which you typed on the search bar. It provides a more convenient way to search the exact same set of keywords.


Verbatim search removes corrected, suggested, related, and non-inclusive results from your search and lets you get only fruitful and exact results.

5. Copyright Free Content

Another smart way to use Google Search for content creators is to use Google tools to get copyright-free or reusable content for free of cost on Google. You can get content like images on Google listed as reusable or reusable with some editing by using this method. You have to search for something and then you can head over to tools and select the user rights option from there. 


Here you can select from the given options including:

  • Labeled for use with modification
  • Labeled for reuse
  • Labeled for noncommercial reuse
  • Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification

6. Set Time Control

Another smart way to use Google is to set time restraints or control the search results. Yes, you can do that and get the specific information that you want for a particular time frame. You can use the search tool present on your mobile and desktop for filtering out the search results. This is a very easy procedure and can be done by clicking “tools” under the magnifying glass icon on Google. While doing it on mobile the “tools icon” can be found at the end of the search results. 

Set Time Control - Google Search

7. Reverse Image Search

This one is quite interesting and can be used easily. Google helps us by providing an option for reverse image search just by uploading an image file and getting information regarding the same. For example, if you want to search for any image for your blog that it has been used by any other website or not you can just visit and upload the picture by clicking on the camera icon. You will see several results and proceed accordingly. This reverse image search also works for faces or screenshots if they look similar to something. 

Reverse Image Search - Google Search

8. Use “Define” to Get the Definition

There are many words that we do not know the meaning and while searching Google we do not find specific information. So for getting some useful information use the word “Define/Definition” before the word you want to know the meaning. This will give Google a command that you want exact information, hence, it will give a detailed etymology.

Use "Define" to Get the Definition

9. Locate the Exact Source by Placing Text Between Double Quotes

Many times it happens that you want an exact source of any word or sentence but do not get the exact result. So for tackling such a problem, there is another hack, you can place that word or sentence between double quotes and you will get the answer. You can find any text, be it any valuable information, meaning, document, or even lyrics of songs. You just need to use double quotes while writing the words and Google will help you to find out the source. 

Locate the Exact Source by Placing Text Between Double Quotes

10. Using – Minus Symbol For Excluding Words 

You might have gone through that you some different references for a particular word but you get something else that is totally different and you lose track. But do not worry there is a hack for this too, you need to insert a – (minus) operator before the word you want to exclude from the particular phrase and you will get the required meaning. 

Using - Minus Symbol For Excluding Words 

11. Using Google Search Dark Mode

Dark mode has become a new trend these days as people who work at night or sometimes in a dark room, do not want a sharp screen, hence dark mode is best for them. Not only phone you can also turn the desktop screen dark just by following these simple steps, for the result page on the desktop- click on settings present on the top right of the screen, and a drop-down menu will appear. Then select the dark theme under “Appearance“. But the steps are different- click on setting present on the bottom right and click on search settings, then click on appearance, then dark theme, and the color of the screen will be changed. Also, if you want to match it with other themes, select “device default” and it will be aligned. 

12. Doing Maths in Google Search Bar

We all are aware of this trick and use it for doing simple maths calculations in daily life. But do you know that you can also do complex geographical rendering? It allows you to solve basic calculations in the search bar but for complex ones, you will have to open the calculator. Also, people who are very much interested in math can also solve super math questions or add various different numbers along with six, cos tan, etc. 

Doing Maths in Google Search Bar

13. See the Time of Different Countries

Sometimes we have to check the time of different countries or calculate the time difference within different time zone and it cannot be done manually. Do not worry, Google is there to help! you just need to type the zip code of the countries in which you want to calculate the time and you will be provided with the result. Simply if you want to check the time in a different country, just type (for example- Time in Japan), and the work will be done. 

See the Time of Different Countries

14. Search Multiple Words in Single Go

Till now you must have understood that Google search is very flexible and you can search or perform various functions. But do you know, that you can search for multiple words or phrases at once just by putting an “OR” between the words? For example, if you type “Chocolate OR Vanilla” you will get the difference in both. Also, the same trick can also be done if you want to know something similar. 

Search Multiple Words in Single Go

15. Using Asterisk Wildcard

This is among the useful tips on the list and is very helpful. You can use an asterisk for finding something very particular, for example, the lyrics of any song if you do not know the particular words. You just have to use an asterisk for searching for that particular item and Google will search and fill the exact place where the words are to be filled. 

Using Asterisk Wildcard


So these were a few amazing Google tricks that you can use in your daily life to make your work a bit easier. Using these best Google Search Engine tips mentioned above you can find many things that you want to know from the world wide web. You will not be limited to single websites but can search for new things and work creatively. So hurry and use these amazing tricks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best alternative to Google search?

These are the best alternative to Google search:

  • WolframAlpha search engine
  • DuckDuckGo search engine
  • Yahoo search engine
  • Bing search engine
  • Ask search engine

Q2: What are the hidden Google tricks?

There are many hidden tricks in Google that one can perform and see something unusual happening on the screen. Some of them are listed below:

  • Google Orbit
  • Askew
  • Zerg Rush
  • Atari Breakout
  • Anagram
  • Google Gravity
  • The FRIENDS trick
  • Recursion

Q3: How do I get my Google search to work again? 

These are the steps that you can follow to make your Google search work properly:

  • Use Chrome cleaner
  • Clean the registry editor
  • Disable the Chrome extensions
  • Clean your browsing history
  • Check your networks
  • Reinstall Google Chrome

Q4: What are the top five Google search tips?

Here are some of the Google search tips:

  • Use a hyphen for excluding words
  • Usage of Asterisk Wildcraft
  • Use Google for doing math
  • Use quotes 
  • Use various tabs

Q5: What are the 10 Easter eggs in Google? 

Some of the coolest 10 easter eggs are:

  • Pacman
  • Beam me up
  • Zerg Rush
  • Google 1998
  • Do a barrel roll
  • Atari Breakout

Q6: What are the top 3 searches on Google? 

Currently, (as of February 2023) these are the top 3 searches on Google:

  • Cricbuzz
  • Weather
  • Facebook

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Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2023
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