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ThoughtSpot FTE+Internship Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2019


Round 1: This was a 90 mins round 

This round had three programming questions on along with 7 MCQ type questions:

Question 1: Given a linked list with the numbers are sorted in non-decreasing order. Return a Binary Search Tree Out of the Linked List.

Question 2: This was a problem similar to the Snake and Ladder Problem. Given a description of  a Ludo board find the Minimum number of throws to reach a given Destination.

Question 3: Given a string consisting of ()[]{}. Find the length of the longest Balanced Parenthesis.

Round 2 : This was a 60 mins long round.

This round was again a coding round. We had to code the multiplication, Addition, Subtraction and Division  of very long integers. People who solved at least two of the mentioned operations were selected for the third round.

Round 3: This was a one on one interview Round which lasted for around 75 mins. This round was focussed on Problem Solving the Interviewer asked three questions:

Problem 1: The problem description was that there is a Parking Lot having k parking slots and  and k cars the slots as well as the cars are numbered from 1 to k .There is also one free slot available . You are required to output the minimum number of moves that you are required to make so move the respective car to the respective slot.

Problem 2: It was a Dynamic Programming Question similar to the coin change problem. You are required to form a given total k with the help of only numbers which are powers of 2 only.

The solutions must be distinct i.e. {1, 2, 2} and {2, 2, 1} are considered as the same.

I gave a recursive solution to the problem and later a dynamic programming solution using memoization. 

Round 4: Lasted around 70 mins. This was a project as well as a system design round. The problem that was asked was to design a versioning system that supports push, pop and view the current version number in a way that is as efficient as possible. I moved from an array approach to stack based approach then finally to a trie based solution of the problem. The interviewer asked me to optimise the solution to a trie based approach. He wanted to a trie based efficient solution. At last he asked me about my projects for around 5 mins.

At the end I was offered only a 6 month internship at ThoughtSpot. GeeksforGeeks helped me a lot during the preparation.


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