TCS NQT Interview Scenes(Skype)

TR:Hi himanshu!
me: A very good evening sir!
TR:Define yourself!
me:50 sec introduction of my hobies, interest, academics scores and
TR: Okay! Tell me about Your project you mentioned?
me: told the basic overview.
TR: Did you used any database connectitivity?
me :Yes Sir!
TR: which databse?
me: Oracle 10g express edition.
TR: how many tables are there in your project>
me: 2 tables, explained attributes of each.
TR: suppose you lost the data of your application. i there any backup or
recovery option.
me: explained him about the way i was storing data in a file and then on
databse using jdbc
TR: suppose if i want to add some extra info about the user then what
will you do?
me: which info u wanna add?
TR: suppose i wanna add mail id of the employee.
me no need of extra table . you can simply add a column with varchar2(20)
TR: how will you do that write the command in notepad provided.
me: (i diverted this by simply telling alter command of adding table
orally because he would have asked extra questions on sql by the time i
would be writing query).
TR: whats the difference between delete and truncate?
told the basic difference
me: which one can you rollback?
(i understood the question at the very first time but i asked him to
repeat since there was a small web-cam fluctuation at that time and by
that time i could got time to think)
still i wasnt sure with my answer ! so i said “as far as what i can
recall the subject right now it should be delete but i am not very much
sure about the answer.”
okay okay! its ok.
TR: whats the difference between blank and null value in database?
me: managed to answer.
TR: okay ! you are done from my side.
(next came the MR who was a lady sitting next to him)
MR:hi himanshu!
me: greeted her!
MR:suppose you are an employee in support team and you are supposed to
resolve the tickets generated by the end users.
and you have alot of tickets scheduled for you on a very day including
that of will you manage?
me:(i understood the scenario but asked about SLA (service level
MR: she explained.

me: i replied if there are transactional issue tickets i will simply
revert them back to the end users by simply telling them the issue will
get resolved within 24-48 hrs
so that i could get time to solve other tickets. i will certainly
solve them on the basis of their priority. if some of them are about which
may pose a threat to my organization
or any such serious issues.
MR: will you take help of one of your fellows.
me: only if its not confidential and tickets are coming in large number
then i might ask for my colleagues help but since it is my task and
i will my best try to do it from my side completely.
MR: how will the company get profited from you or what will u serve good
for the company?
me: i am very possessive about my things once i become a part of this
family i will do my best to give at all possible levels.
with the help of my technical skills and dedication i will try to
prove myself an asset to the company.
MR: how you keep yourself updatec with digital technologies.?
me: as i am a memer so i am quite active on social media pages for the
content .
i use the same platform for my digital awareness as well i also have
subscribed various pages and channels including tcs as on telegram, instagram, fb etc.
MR: Are you aware with the business technology tcs is implementing.
me: yes ! its business 4.0.
MR: can u explain.
me: gave very basic introduction of what i could recall at that time. i
know it was not a perfect answer.
MR: do you know TCS current CEO.
me: i answered correctly.
MR:okay i am done !
(this was the HR now who was a lady again)
HR:hi himanshu!
me: greeted her!
HR: As i can see there is no gap in your academics and i liked your
sporting spirit throughout the interview !
me: thank you maa’m-(inner me- who dislikes a compliment!)
HR: Apart from all these what you do in your free time.
me: Raps, i answered.
HR: show us a bit of it.
me: i did Raftaar’s Stand Up rap .(10 lines from between with hand
expressions and full feel).
MR & HR: (when i finished they all laughed and smiled and complimented me
with “Gully Boy in TCS” ).
MR:did u compose it?
me: (I lied), yes!!
HR:i hope you are aware of TCS bond policy( she explained in breif).
me: yes maam! i know about it.
HR:In TCS there are poject demads at different locations across the globe
at any time, you may be at remote places, tiruchipalli, desert, or far
away from home or at timbuktoo?

do you know about timbuktoo. even i dont know about timbuktoo. so are
you ready for it.
me: yes maa’m i am ready !
HR: okay thank you so much himanshu!!
me: i have a question?
HR & MR: yes, please go ahead.
me: what are the technologies i will be working upon so that i could
pepare for them in advance!
MR: depending upon the projects you are batched in you will get to know
about them in future.
me: (this question could ruin my interview if i had told them the real
reason of behind the scenes )
one more question maam! is there any way by which i can switch to
digital profile from ninja.
MR: what do you mean by digital profile.
me: maam where we are directly working on the digital technologies such as
full stack development,
ai bigdata and all.because i did java se and java ee i am hitting
towards Full Stack Development.
MR: yes! TCS is in huge need of full stack developers. we have these
things evaluation in your training period .
TCS will not train you for everything . you need to develop the skills
for the same.
And Since you have mentioned it from your side we will mention it in
your profile.
(finally a sigh of relief and a good remark)
HR & MR :any more questions.
me: no maam, thanks a lot ! nice meeting you all!

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