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TCS NQT Interview Experience

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Round 1: The online National qualifier test took place on 03/08/2019. There were three different sections of the exam. It was an online test and the sections were as follows.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude: This section was quite scoring and some questions were MCQ’s and some of them were fill in the blanks questions. If someone has prepared for aptitude for one month then this section can easily be solved;
  2. Programming Logic: In this section, basic questions on c, c++, java and data structures were asked. Knowledge of STL in c++ and looping constructs can help you to score good marks.
  3. Coding: There was a single question which can be attempted in either c, c++, java, python. The questions were different for different slots. In one slot they asked to check whether the given word is a keyword or not, they provided the list of keywords already, so it was quite simple. Mine was to convert a base 17 number to decimal, if someone knows how to convert hexadecimal to decimal then it can be easily done.

After one week, the results were declared and I cleared the test. If someone performs well they will be called for another test for “DIGITAL PROFILE”. I was called for digital test also.

Round 2: The next round was the interview round. It was held at TCS Indore. They will send you a mail regarding all the details and documents needed for the interview process.

First, they will check your documents and thus it is necessary to carry your all original college mark sheets (till 5th or 6th semester). There were 10 panels. It can be on Skype,   telephonic or face to face interview. Mine was face to face interview.

There were three people, two sir, and one madam. The lady didn’t ask me any questions, she was HR and she was listening to me very carefully. They started the interview with my self-introduction. Then they asked me about my technical skills, training, projects, and certifications.

Then they asked me about different types of memory, Layers of the OSI model, the functionality of the data link layer. Then they showed me some SQL queries and asked questions on them. After that, they asked me to find median of an array of ten elements. I told them that we will sort the array and they print the middle value. So, they told me write any sorting algorithm and perform the task.

And here my technical interview ended and then they asked me some HR questions like why TCS, relocation problem, working in night shift and whether any technical constraint or not.

This is how my interview ended. The key is to stick to the basics and mention only those things in the resume about which you can answer questions. There were many candidates who wrote many frameworks but were unable to answer. The interviewers always pick up words from your previous answer and question on them. So be alert and all the best.


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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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