TCS job interview experience as fresher

Freshers are little nervous than experienced person.

So I am too. I have not deep knowledge of coding and theory but yes in staring of interview they will ask very basics. Like what is specifier types in java c++ and like may few questions .Make sure u will answer in good or average English language.i mean do not make blunders in speaking English.If you answers well above easy questions than little tough questions will be asked coding (it’s easy thought in first two problems)than you answers well they will increase thought ness of questions and ask to write logical algorithm which they will specify.last question of algo in my interview it was vending machine working algorithm so 

I was not sure it was right or error less but yes except that I had done every question.

Apart from there answered questions they asked about database questions which was my weak point, so I directly told them that I can’t do it .

Don’t afraid what you know what you don’t express like gentleman that’s matter. 

Over all its was easy interview experience


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