TCS Job Interview Experience

Round 1: Here we have our first round which is technical round in this all the questions you face which you wrote in your curriculum vitae . It’s about your technical knowledge and in minor case a bit of yourself in this the main impact given by your fluency of English not the mean of tense or further things but your fluency and your confidence.
Round 2: Then we have HR round and in this round we have a bit chance that the HR manager will ask question about your technical term in HR round mainly HR prefer your personal knowledge about yourself your company and your experience of your college and your internship and your project and job experience if you have done before in this English fluency and confidence will count.

Round 3: And last we have our MR round in MR round they talk you about your interest in their company and the thing like salary or etc. here is also your language and confidence will matter and a bit of attitude in the way of positive.

I am Aijaz Ahmad, working in TCS currently . I hope this article work you helpfully.

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