TCS Interview Experience | Set 40 (On-Campus)

Hi! I have been selected into TCS from our campus placements. Here is how I prepared and how the recruitment Process took place.

Where did I prepare from?

I prepared from sites and

TCS conducted 3 rounds in our college

  • Online test Round
  • Technical Round + Managerial Round
  • HR Round

 Online test:
The online test had 5 sections. Aptitude, verbal, logical, email writing and C MCQ questions. Email writing was easy. There were hints given and we need to use each of these and write an email. C MCQ questions were very simple and repeated from FACE materials.

Technical Round + Managerial Round
The students who cleared the online test were called for an interview. The interview was basically focused on testing skills the candidate is good at. I am from an ECE background. Since my favourite subjects were Computer networks and Digital logic design, I was asked questions from the same. I was also asked to write a few basic programs in C such as Program to add two number, to check if a given number is a palindrome. Questions from Computer networks were as follows:


1)      About the different layers and their functioning

2)      About TCP/IP protocol

3)      Difference between TCP and UDP

4)      About subnetting


HR Round :
This is the final round of the recruitment process. The questions were very simple and focused to test my communication skills. A few of them were:

1)      Are you a team member or a team leader

2)      Tell me about yourself

3)      How do you handle situations when two of you team mates have quarrels.

4)      You hobbies

5)      Walk me through you resume

The interview went smoothly as the recruiters were very patient and polite.


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