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TCS Interview Experience: Kolkata

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2018
Geek Week

Q. Are you the same person in the picture?
A. Yes! Sir.

Q. Are you sure?
A. Yes! Sir.

Q. You look different. Have you grown the beard?
A. I always kept the bead sir but that time only i shaved it.

Q. Your shirt looks wrinkled. Did you not iron it?
A. I did. But it’s a cotton shirt so wrinkles come back.

Q. Is it formal? Why are these black dots on your shirt?
A. Yes sir! It’s formal.

Q. Introduce yourself?
A. I introduced myself and he asked couple of questions about my hobby.

Q. int i=ox12345. is it valid?
A. Yes Sir! It is hexadecimal.

Q. What is format specifier for hexadecimal numbers?
A. %x.

Q. So DBMS is your subject of interest?
A. Yes Sir.

Q What is Normalization?
A. Answered.

Q. Give me an example.
A. Answered.

Q. How 1-NF is converted to 2-NF?
A. Answered.

Q. How 2-NF is converted to 3-NF?
A. Answered.

Q. How 3-NF is converted to BCNF?
A. Answered.

Q. Write a query to print second highest salary of employees among a given set of employees.
A. Answered.

Q. What is trigger and cursor?
A. Answered the triggered part and said sorry sir i can’t recollect about the cursor.

Q. What is stored procedure?
A. Answered.

Q. Daru pite ho?(All of a sudden and that too in hindi)
A. Yes sir. I used to drink occasionally but i am not drinking lately.

Q. Don’t lie.
A. I am not lying sir. I am focusing more on studies these days.

Q. Ok. Show me your grade cards.
A. Handed over.

Q. Your marks are consistently low. What was the reason?
A. I was in a bad company in the starting of my college days and blah blah(couldn’t think a better reason)

Q. What is your favorite brand of alcohol?
A. Told some random brand which came to my mind that time and luckily that was their favorite too.

Q. Tell me the layers of TCP/IP protocol?
A. Answered.

Q. And layers of OSI?
A. Answered.

Q. What is stack and state some real world examples?
A. Answered.

Q. What is Queue and state some real world examples?
A. Answered.

Q. Difference between and stack and queue.
A. Answered.

Q. What is palindrome and give some examples.
A. Answered.

Q. Write a program of palindrome?
A. Answered.

Q. Format specifiers of float, double and string?
A. Answered.

Q. So you are learning Python?[Looking at my CV]
A. Answered.[No questions asked from Python]

Q. If we send you to Pakistan or Bangladesh to work for TCS, will you go there?
A. There is no problem in Bangladesh but as an Indian i have a bad perception of Pakistan although i like there culture.[FYI-There is no TCS in Pakistan and Bangladesh]

Q. You like Pakistani culture or girls?
A. Pakistani girls are obviously beautiful but i like their culture as well.

Q. Write a program of Palindrome?
A. Answered.

Q. So you are from Bihar and now you are an engineer. So you are going to get a fat dowry?
A. No sir. My mother has always told us that we are not going to take any dowry. My mother is quite progressive.

Q. If we give you the BPO or relocate you are you ok with it?
A. Yes sir as i will get a platform for my development and an opportunity to learn.
[Asked some more basic questions in c]

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