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TCS Interview Experience | Set 12 (Off-Campus through CodeVita)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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Round 1 (online coding)
The first round was in Aug 17. It was an online coding round for which we were supposed
to register about 2 months before. So stay upto date (Our college informed us).

Before this round TCS organized various mock rounds for practice of this round. In first round there were 6 questions. All of them were of good level. And even a single successful submission was enough to get us through this round.

Here is some extra info that might benefit you-

1) People who start test together get the same questions.
2) If you are taking the code from friend than make sure to make enough changes as they check for plagiarism.
3) We had to pick a 6hr window from 24hr time.
4) If you clear this round than this job is yours 99.99%.

Round 2 (Technical interview)

We were called to TCS office. After a brief ppt it was time for technical interview.
1)The main focus of the interviewer was on the question i solved in first round,So revise what you did in first round.
2) Some latest IT sector news.
3) Why are strings immutable in Java.
4) My project

Round 3 (Managerial round)-

You do not really need to prepare for this round. There were questions like
– Tell me about your family
– Why TCS
– Something about you that is not there in you CV.

Round 4(HR)-

There was just one major question that are you ready to relocate and are you ready for night shifts.

Result– Result was announced after at-most 1 month. Only 1 or 2 persons in all were rejected.

CTC- 3.37

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