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TCS Interview Experience | Codevita Season 9

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I want to share my interview experience for the codevita. Basically TCS will be recruiting for the digital package through one of its process known   codevita contest. There will be 6 questions which we have to solve in 6 hours of time. If you do atleast one program in this contest there are chances to get a rank in the contest, once you get a rank you will be called for Interview within  a 1-2 weeks.

I have solved one program and solved another problem with TLE exception. Then after a week results were announced and  i got a rank 47**. They called for the interview which is basically conduced  in the cisco meeting.

My interview slot booked at 10.30am morning  Sep 18 2020. There are three people who are going to interview you(1TR,1 HR,1MR). The technical interviewer started and he directly started  asking question on the skills which i have mentioned in the resume. I am from ECE stream so he started asking question in that,

question are 

1. How many types of loops are present in MATLAB.

2.How we can add noise to the signal in the MATLAB.

3.What is the extension for the arduino programs and what is mean by sketches in arduino. They he asked in programming language you are strong , i said Java.  Then he started asking in java,

write a try and catch problem and what is difference between final and finally and what is “out” in system.out.print() and what happens if we mention “in” instead   of “out” in system.out.print().What are the static methods .What are the exception in java and what are the types of exception in java. What happen if we mentioned multiple try statements with only one catch statement. They he asked to share the screen and asked to display hackerrank profile(Which i have mentioned in resume) and said to  pick  one hard problem in the hackerrank.

Then MR started asking question and he is very friendly and asked a question if you are in a situation where you have to complete a project which is preponded three days at that situation what you will do and what are steps you take in order to handle that situation.

What will you do for you a project assigned which you are not aware of it and how will you complete that project. Then they asked WHY TCS and suggested that you have good cpga and why you are opting for TCS. Tell me something you know about TCS. 



RESULT: waiting

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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