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TCS Codevita Season 9 Interview Experience (September-2020)

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Round 1:

I solved 1 question  in Codevita Season 9 and was fortunate enough to get an Interview call. My Interview was scheduled for 15th September 2020 starting from 10:00 AM but got a call from the HR and it started at around 4:15 PM. Due to Covid-19 scenario the process was virtually conducted in Microsoft Teams platform.

There were 3 panelists one Technical(TR), one Managerial(MR) and HR.

Round 2:

Began with my Technical Round.

TR: I can see you have mentioned about Python in your resume Let’s start with python.

Me: Okay Sir

TR: Explain the use of PEP

Me: Explained

TR: Difference between PEP and PIP

Me: Explained

TR: Function of _init_ in a class

Me: Explained

TR: What is Self in Python?

Me: Explained

TR: Difference between Arrays and List, List and Tuple. When do we use Tuple and not a List ?

Me: Explained with an example

TR: Memory Management in Python

Me: Explained

TR: Use of Python Path

Me: Explained

TR: Difference between Global and Local Variables

Me: Answered with an example

TR: What is Lambda function? How is it different from normal function?

Me: Answered with an example

TR: What are Iterators and Generators?

Me: Answered with an example

TR: What is Pickling and Unpickling?

Me: Answered 

TR: Difference of range and xrange?

Me: Answered with an example

TR: Use of *args and **kwargs

Me: Answered with an example

TR: Explain shallow copy VS deep copy?

Me:  Explained with an example

TR: Multi-threading in python

Me: Wasn’t completely sure with my answer and told that I couldn’t recall properly.

TR: What is Monkey Patching?

Me: This time again took some time to answer but wasn’t completely and fumbled a bit.

TR: Explain virtual environment

Me: Answered confidently this time

TR: Asked about projects

Me: Told about my projects, he asked few questions related to my projects, answered those

Then shifted to UNIX and asked some UNIX commands asked some git commands.

Then again shifted to DBMS.

TR: Explain concurrency and serializability

Me: Answered 

TR: Asked to explain the ACID properties

Me: Explained confidently

TR: Asked about Normalization and Denormalization. What’s need for normalization?

Me: Answered 

TR: What’s primary key, foreign key, super key?

Me: Answered with an example 

TR: Asked about joins in DBMS

Me: Explained with an example. He asked me to share my screen and then I explained using 2 tables and performing the respective joins.

TR: Asked me to join 2 tables and write the query for finding the name of employees with salary more than 40000.

Me: Answered but made some few mistakes while writing the queries.

TR: Okay we are done with the Technical Round let’s follow up with the Managerial.

The MR said she has followed up with the technical round and asked the HR to carry forward.

Round 3:

HR: Introduce yourself.

HR:  How have you used the lockdown period ?

HR:  What makes you unique ?

HR: Why pursuing engineering ?

HR: Why were your CGPA low ?

    (PS: I had an aggregate of 6.89 cgpa)

HR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

HR: Why TCS and not other MNC’s ?

(PS: I answered the question with both the achievements of TCS and TATA Sons)

HR: What do you know about TATA ?

(PS: After my answer HR replied, “I’m quite impressed with your insights about Tata.”)

HR: Okay we’re done for the day. We’ll mail you our feedback soon.

The total interview process lasted for around 40-45 mins.

Waiting for results.

Hope this help you in clearing your interview. Thank You 

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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