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TCS Codevita Interview Experience | Season-9 2020

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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TCS CodeVita is a contest where individuals across the globe participate and compete to win the coveted ‘World’s Best Coder’ title. Through this contest, TCS also provides an opportunity for rankers to give interviews directly skipping the Aptitude round or initial rounds.

Round 1: The Round 1 Zone 2 contest was held on 15th August 2020. There were 6 coding questions of different difficulty levels that had to be solved within 6 hours. I solved 2 questions fully and 1 question partially and secured a good rank and was qualified for the second round. But I think that partial submission doesn’t count while making the rank list. Approximately 16k participants got the rank among 185k registered participants.

Round 2: I received a mail on 10th September from TCS HR that an interview is scheduled tomorrow. The next day I have waited the whole day and they called me at 4 pm to join the interview (It was on Microsoft Teams). There were 2 interviewers. They welcomed me and congratulated me on securing a good rank.

Then they have asked for my Aadhar card for verification purposes.

Technical Questions:

  1. Introduce yourself. I have taken 3 minutes for introducing myself in which mainly I have told them about my internship, project & interest.
  2. Then they have asked me a few more questions related to my internship project. I have described my project briefly. It was based on node.js, react.js & MongoDB.
  3. What is Pointer & its uses?
  4. What is the static keyword & static function?
  5. What is Abstract class?
  6. What is polymorphism?
  7. What is ArrayList?
  8. What is Inner Join & Right Outer Join?
  9. What is Virtual Function?
  10. What is BFS & DFS? Does queue use BFS or DFS ?
  11. What are the current innovations in the technology field?
  12. What is normalization & 3NF form?
  13. What is foreign key & Candidate key? 

Then they have asked me a few more questions related to cloud and machine learning.

HR Questions:

  1. What is Smart work & Hard work? Which one do you prefer?
  2. Do you accept a job with less pay & good learning or high pay with less learning?
  3. Share one incidence where you have shown your leadership skill?
  4. What are your weakness?
  5. How you will be valuable to our company?
  6. Are you comfortable working in shifts? 
  7. Any problem with relocation?
  8. How you will handle the situation when one of your teammates is not submitting the work on time? 

After this, they have verified my marksheet. 

Interviewer: That’s all from our side. Do you have any questions for us? 

I have asked 3 questions. The whole interview process takes 40-45 minutes. They have not asked me to describe the code that I have submitted in Round 1. 

Result: I got a mail on 5th October & received a TCS Digital offer.  

Tips: Try to secure a good rank in the exam & give the Interview with full confidence. They have allotted Ninja & digital offer from a single interview. So, Give your best. 

There is the cost of dishonesty so do not copy others, be loyal in an interview.

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