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TCS Interview Experience 2018 (For I.T.)
  • Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2019

This exam was basically divided into 2 parts.

Round 1: Aptitude Test (MCQs)

It consisted of questions from the following categories:

  1. Verbal ability


Questions related to grammatical concepts in the form of

  • fill in the blanks with appropriate words
  • pick out the incorrect part of a given sentence
  • read a passage and infer it


  1. Logical ability


Questions related to mathematical concepts in the form of

  • Series related
  • Time-distance and speed related questions
  • Probability
  • Also general logical questions that are frequently asked in aptitude tests.



  1. C Questions
  • Simple questions like which among the following is not a keyword.
  1. Coding question:

It was a very basic coding question further a choice of languages was provided to the students to choose from.

Advanced Aptitude for TCS Digital:

In this part of test there was also a section for advanced aptitude wherein students would be judged for TCS Digital if qualified (i.e. doing well in aptitude part as well as the code should be accepted. )

Here the aptitude questions were more mathematics oriented and also questions from Algorithms (Dynamic Programming, BFS, etc.) and Data Structure (Lists, Queue, Hash Table, etc.) were asked.



Round 2: Interview (On- Campus)

In my case I was interviewed by 3 people, 2 for technical part and managerial part and 1 for the HR round.

They first asked me to introduce myself then went on to ask questions from my CV.I was asked regarding my hobbies and the projects I have done in the beginning then as I had mentioned Competitive Coding, Java, Data Structure, Algorithms and SQL, I was asked questions from this area mostly.


  1. Difference between JDK and JRE.
  2. Discuss platform independence of Java.
  3. They gave me a coding question(Simple one to print nth term of Fibonacci series )

I wrote the java code and explained it to the interviewers step-by-step. (**to specifically remind you guys reading this article write the entire code cause I had a friend who just explained the main portion of the code for Binary Search and the interviewer rejected the code even though it was correct also it was for another company not TCS. I just thought I should mention it so that you guys don’t make such a mistake.)

  1. SQL follows Top-Down or Bottom-UP approach.

(**For this particular question the interviewer even appreciated my way of thinking.)

  1. Then they asked me to write an SQL query (it was easy enough for me)
  2. Then they asked questions related to situations, I mean is so and so happened they how will you react and stuff.

For such questions I can only advice be yourself, at least I was, I did not pretend that no matter what I will stay in this very company till the end of my life or rather even after I die my ghost will come back to work every day on time, no such cliche answers just appropriate solutions to the situational problems.

They are also bored by such cliche answers as it keeps on repeating so be yourself and give unique answers only then they will remember you out of the entire crowd.

  1. HR Round:
  • Document checking
  • Name some IT companies other than TCS.
  • Who is the current CEO of TCS?
  • Routine questions like will you be able to adjust with time slot issues, food related issues and posting issues, etc.


Overall my interview experience was good and humorous.


Status: Selected (Assistant System Engineer-Trainee)



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