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TCS Interview Experience

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Every Year TCS(Tata Consultancy Services) organizes its TCS NQT(National Qualifier Test) all over India for Engineering graduates. Basically, it has 3 rounds for Ninja Candidates(i.e TCS NQT online exam, Technical round, HR Round). But for Digital candidates, they have to do well in TCS NQT exam, then again they are called for a bit advanced online exam followed by an interview. So I will be discussing here my TCS ninja interview experience as follows:

TCS NQT Exam: It was held on 3rd August 2019 at TCS ION center. It has 4 sections of an overall 90 minutes. They are:

  • Quantitative Aptitude(20 questions with 40 minutes)
  • Programming Concepts(10 questions with 20 minutes)
  • Verbal Ability(10 questions with 10 minutes)
  • Coding(1 question with 20 minutes)

Technical Round: On 17th August TCS NQT qualified candidates were called for document verification followed by Technical and HR round. So, my technical round was as follows:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Tell me something about your strength and weaknesses.
  • They asked me about my project and certification.
  • He asked me to solve a programming question(i.e Write a program to count the number of vowels in a sentence).
  • Thereafter, he asked me to solve a pattern question
  • What is the difference between method overloading and method overriding in java?
  • What is the use of Malloc and calloc in C?
  • What is the difference between 2NF,3Nf, and BCNF?
  • How Multi-Threading can be implemented?
  • How can we implement a queue using two stacks?
  • What is deadlock? What are the conditions for it?
  • What is the use of paging in the operating system?
  • How blockchain is implemented? (since I had done NPTEL certifications on it)?
  • Why blockchain is said to be a secured way of recording data?

HR round: In this round, basically they check your communication and behavioral skills. My HR round was as follows:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How your weaknesses can help our company?
  • What type of job do you expect from this post?
  • Are you ready to relocate to any part of the country?
  • Why do you have 1 year of education gap?
  • Do you know about the latest products and technologies we are working on?

Suggestion: Be confident in your words and be true. Don’t panic, they may try to check your patience level. So, if they try to make you wrong on something and you are confident enough that it isn’t, don’t hesitate and show them the way how it is right. 

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020
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