TCS Digital profile Interview 2019

It was an HR + Managerial + Technical Round (There were 3 people  at the same time interviewing us)

First, the HR told me to introduce myself and asked me what I had for breakfast, then he asked me what are my qualities, my strengths after that all the three starting going through my resume. They asked several questions about my resume like how you made that android app, what all did you use in that, do you know Github, what is version control, what are branches, Pull Requests, etc.

They asked me what are the various technologies in TCS digital profile, in which profile would you like to work. The technical person then asked me which field I was strong in I said android and then he asked me will I be able to code in core java, then he made me write a code to find the top 3 students from the array of P, C, M using inheritance concept and abstract methods. He asked me to print the Fibonacci numbers. Then what is TRIM in SQL, A query related to count(*). what are cloud variables, how does cloud work in the background, What is Saas, Paas? The HR asked me what would you do if your classmate becomes your boss, tell me the best 5 colleges in Delhi, why did you take a drop. It went for around 1 hour.

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