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TCS Digital Placement Process Experience

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Round 1 of the process was held at iON Digital Zone, Randesan. Nearly about 200 students of 2-3 prestigious institutes were eligible and were divided in batches. I was assigned to batch 1 and the online test was conducted at 2:00 PM. The duration of test was 2 hours.
The test consisted of 4 different sections. To name it, it was like “Advanced Coding”, “Aptitude”, “English”, “Coding Questions”. But to give an overview, it covered aspects of the technicalities, logical thinking and solution architecture.
Advanced Coding had one question which I solved by brute force approach. It asked for maximizing the sum of an array based on some predefined conditions. My solution was O (n), so I could pass 5 test cases. I tried solving other test cases too by applying corner conditions but due to electricity failure twice at the centre we were running shorter on time. I had to write whole code from the beginning twice. The coding questions section seemed easy to me. If your basics in C, C++ and JAVA are clear then you’re good to go. English section was also difficult for those who were not habituated to speed reading. In this section we were supposed to solve 15 questions in 10 Minutes. There were 5-6 questions which were based on paragraphs. Aptitude section was very hard for all of us. In some questions we were not given options and were supposed to fill in the blanks. Overall it was a good experience.  24 th July, 2019

ROUND 2: Round 2 was held at the premises of TCS Garima Park. 18 candidates were chosen from Round 1 and were called to Garima Park. Fortunately, 3 candidates were selected from our college.

Round 2 was meant to be a single interview round. An interview testing the candidate’s knowledge on areas of technology, management,
communication. There were 3 interviewers. One was for technical,
another one was for management, and last was HR. I was interviewed
for around 25 minutes.
The questions were the following:
1. What is Exception Handling?
2. Give examples of compile time and run time exceptions.
3. Difference between HashMap and HashSet. Which is faster?
4. Difference between Tree and Graph. What are the applications of
5. On which technologies you have worked?
6. What is method overloading and overriding? He also give me and
example and asked if this was the example of overloading or
7. Which was the last program you practiced?
8. How to integrate payment gateway into your applications.
9. How to authorize payment gateways?
10. How do you use components in angular?
11. What is the use of GitHub?
12. Give and 4-5 command that you use in GitHub.
13. Benefits of using GitHub.
14. How did you secure your REST API?
15. What is JSON format?
16. What is the angular command to create a component?
17. If you’re supposed to design an E-Commerce application, how will
you design it?
18. Tell me about your family background.
19. Tell us about your plans of higher studies.
20. Are you willing to relocate and in any shifts?
21. Will you able to work on any technologies?

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