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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Company: TCS

Profile: Digital

Platform: MS Teams

Round 1: The interview has 3 panelists 1 TR, 1 MR, 1 HR

  • TR: Introduce yourself
  • Me: Did
  • TR: From your resume, it is apparent you participate in a lot of coding contest
  • Me: Yes
  • TR: Are you familiar with Data Structures?
  • Me: Yes
  • TR: So consider a question where we are giving you n numbers n<=10^6 you need to output the sum
  • Me: Explained my approach (Also asked some questions to clarify qn statement)
  • TR: Are you storing input?
  • Me: No
  • TR: What if in the input the numbers are large?
  • Me: will use long long data type.
  • TR: Now consider a file system where we have n words n<=10^6 we need to find a particular word.
  • Me: Explained my approach
  • TR: What if there are 10<=9 words time limit of execution being 1 sec.
  • Me: Explained optimized approach.
  • TR: Do you know about IP address? (They asked questions on Router and IP address
  • Me: No sir currently not.
  • TR: Tell me the time complexity of both the approaches used to solve the above questions
  • Me: Did

Round 2: Managerial Round

  • Me: answered
  • MR: Apart from studies what are your interests?
  • Me: told
  • Then we had 10 min discussion on my hobbies

Round 3: HR Round 

  • HR: Suppose if your manager and client are very rude to you, what would you do?
  • Me: answered
  • HR: How comfortable are you with night shifts?
  • Me: answered
  • HR: Are you comfortable with reallocation?
  • Me: answered
  • Then they verified my documents and had a brief discussion
  • Interview concluded
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