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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2021

  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021

There were 2 rounds. First, is an Online test conducted in TCS’s own launcher. The second was Face to Face round.

Round 1: Online Test

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This test consists of aptitude, verbal, coding sections. Aptitude and verbal are generally very difficult in TCS test series. You won’t have time for the verbal section if you don’t have regular reading practice. The coding section is generally easy. There will be 2 codes to solve and generally these 2 questions will be easy.

Round 2: HR + Manager + Tech

  • During this interview, they generally test you based on your resume. So don’t lie in your resume. For me, they started from the skills section. As I mentioned MySQL they asked me few easy queries. I mentioned Tomcat So they asked me what it is and why it is used. Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE. And then they asked about my publications. Then the manager asked how I will manage my team during difficult situations. And finally, HR asked me whether I am willing to relocate and I said yes  After 4 days results came out and I got Selected. 
  • So TCS digital is basically for new technologies like ML, IoT, Data Science, etc. If you have projects related to these fields, then you will be able to pass the first round after the online test. Be strong in your resume. This is the most important one. 


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