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TCS Digital Interview Experience for System Engineer

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Round 1(NQT – 25 OCT 2020): There were five sections, three sections were based on aptitude questions which include Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, and Numerical Ability which can be easily cracked if you know the basics. It was followed by two coding sections which includes coding MCQ where basic programming MCQ questions were asked and another section comprised of two coding questions with medium-level difficulty.

If this round is cracked with more than 80% then you will be eligible for digital hiring or will directly be eligible for ninja hiring. 

Round 2 (Coding round for toppers – 19 NOV 2020): I was able to crack with more than 80% so for digital hiring I was supposed to sit for another coding round. Here 2 questions were presented based on strings, arrays, and data types.  It was medium to high-level difficulty, in this round I was able to clear both coding questions.

After 2 days I got the results followed by an interview scheduled for 24 NOV 2020.

Round 3 (Interview Round- 24 NOV 2020): The interview was scheduled in the morning and there were 3 managers present including technical, managerial, and HR managers. The interview was around 45 minutes.

At First technical manager after going through my resume as have mentioned C, C++ as my most proficient language asked questions such as

  • Difference between C and C++.
  • Difference between C++ and Python
  • Difference between Interpreter and Compiler
  • Asked me to tell some logic for programming questions including odd and even numbers without using %, array, and a string program.
  • Asked me to explain the  concept of pointers
  • Many OOPS concepts were asked to explain with examples like Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstraction.
  • Based on my mini-project and the main project was done in college 4-5 questions were asked like which software, the open-source platform was used since my project was based on IoT concepts about them were also asked.

Managerial HR asked questions depending on the things mentioned in my resume such as:

  • The software and hardware used in my internship and to brief the experience learned over there. Over 4-5 questions were asked about this.
  • I have mentioned my field of interest as Cloud computing so questions, like What, is cloud computing, What are the categories of cloud, What is SaaS, PaaS, IaaS with examples, What are the types of clouds with examples. 5. How security is maintained for the clouds.
  • Since my background is based on ECE, a few questions were also asked.

Finally, HR asked questions related to my 10th,12th, and Undergraduate Percentage, My flexibility for shifts, locations, and service agreement. 

Finally, after 2 weeks, I got my offer letter.

P.S: Be very confident with whatever things you have mentioned in the resume because that’s where the whole interview questions are from. 

All the best!!

Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2022
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