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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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Round 1: Round 1 consisted of an online test conducted at TCS Ion centers. The test consisted of  4 sections. First 3  sections consisted of Multiple choice questions. You can go back and forth to any question in the same section. There was a sectional time for each section. There was negative marking for the wrong answer too. So answer the question only if you are sure!

Section 1: Reading and Vocabulary skills. There were 15 questions to be done in 10 minutes. Most of the questions were based on finding an answer from a paragraph. So you have to be quick and accurate about your answer.

Section 2: Quantitative aptitude. There were 20 questions to be done in 30 minutes. The questions were intermediate to advanced level including basic equational maths to geometry.

Section 3: Technical MCQ round. This was a pretty easy section with 30 minutes for 15 questions. The questions were pretty clear if you know the basics. Tip: Try to attempt maximum questions here as being the easiest section.

Section 4: Coding section. There was only 1 code to be done in 60 minutes. You will have to code in eclipse ide which will be available at that time. Debugging is to be done manually and only 2 test cases are visible. There were a total of 8 test cases, which makes it pretty easy to crack. the question will be pretty standard. The one at my test was “0/1 knapsack problem”. It was a pretty standard question of dynamic programming.

More than 250 students had applied, and 90 students got shortlisted for the second round.

Round 2: Round 2 was a F2F interview at a TCS facility. There were 5 panels, each consisting of 3-panel members each. I waited for almost 5 hours before my turn came. The interview was a combination of Technical and HR. The interviewer called my name at last! I got up and entered the interview room. I greeted them, gave my resume and then the interview began.

interviewer 3: Hello Keval, had your lunch?

me: Yes sir!

interviewer 3: Tell me something about yourself.

me: Gave my basic introduction, my background. (try to say something that’s not in the resume).

interviewer 2: Asked about a project I had worked on. (I answered all of their questions about my project for approximately 10-15 minutes. They were impressed by my project!)

interviewer 3: We can see you have worked with Java as well as Python. So which language are you more comfortable with?

me: Java. (tell the language that you are really confident about as all the further questions will be upon it.)

interviewer 1: Why is String immutable?

interviewer 2: which other things are immutable in Java?

interviewer 1: how can you explicitly make anything immutable.

interviewer 2: Suppose you have a large quantity of data input in your application. how would you handle it? (Cache servers, which are used by facebook)

interviewer 2: what is the algorithm of cache servers?

interviewer 1: what is the difference between ML and DL and AI?

interviewer 2: We can see that you have worked with Kali Linux. what did you specifically do with it?

interviewer 1: how does an aircrack attack work?

interviewer 2: what is dark web? How can you access it?

interviewer 1: Why can’t you access the dark web with chrome or any other normal browser?

interviewer 2: What is the difference between an application server and a web server?

interviewer 2: How is packet bundling handled in PHP? (this is because I had PHP in my skillset)

interviewer 1: Where and how is MongoDB used?

interviewer 2: what is the use of MongoDB and why to use it besides having relational databases like MySQL?

interviewer 2: What happens when you hit enter after typing a URL?

interviewer 1: OOP concepts of Java.

interviewer 3: You seem to have quite a taste in research work along with studies. what would you choose research or development?

interviewer 3: Have you understood all the job-related criteria and aware of the pay scale? (You are free to ask any doubts if any at this moment. The interview is basically completed.)

me: How did I perform?

interviewer 3: You will know that in about a week!

me: I thanked them for their valuable time and left.

Results came out about after 2 weeks. 21 got selected from 90 students. And, I was selected too!

Final verdict: selected

Tip: Always wear a smile in front of the interviewers and try to make the interview as interactive as possible.

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