TCS Digital Interview Experience

I directly wrote TCS Digital Examination which was conducted in my college in July 2019.
It was the first company that i applied for and i was very eager to take the test.

There were 4 sections.English Aptitude Programming Logic and Coding

English was little tough as i never heard of those complicated words.

Aptitude was slightly easy when compared with English.

Programming logic was very easy and very straight forward questions.

Coding question was easy.

Coming on to the interview part i was thorough with what all i had mentioned in my resume.

There were 3 interviewers sitting on my panel.

One asked me about my projects.One was asking technical Questions and Last one was like HR.

So i clearly explained about my projects.

Technical questions regarding trees and graphs were easy to answer as they were basic question.

He gave me a pattern and told me to write a code of it.

It took 5 min to think about it and finally i wrote and explained it to him.

They shook my hand with a good grin on there face and after few days i got a mail that i got selected for TCS Digital.

So the advice which i can give to any one who is about to write digital exam now or in future is be thorough with the famous coding questions and be good with programming basics.

Never write anything in resume which you don’t know completely.

Be confident while telling about yourself and try to make good projects and include them in the resume.

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