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TCS Codevita Interview Experience ( Sep 2020)

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Hello Geeks,

My Codevita rank was ~5**. I was Interviewed on (15.9.20)

My Slot was 2:00 – 5:00

Round 1:  Codevita

All those who completed at least one question in codevita were called for interview. Be Careful they take plagiarism very seriously.

Round 2: Interview

There were 3 people taking interview simultaneously.

One was asking technical questions, one managerial questions and one HR.

Interview Started:-There were three interviewers (TR, HR, MR). My interview lasted for ~1Hr minutes.

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Tell me what is your System IP?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Difference b/w UDP and TCP?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Difference b/w OSI and TCP?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What is tuple?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Your Fav language?

Me: Answered(Java).

Interviewer: If your fav language is Java then why did you code in C++ for codevita?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What is Virtual Function.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: How many Question you did in codevita and write down the code for them?

Me: Started coding (After 4 lines they said stop (Might be they were checking my confidence )).

Interviewer: Write a code to swap 2 number without using a 3rd variable?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: WAC(Write a Code) for Palindrome Number?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: WAC(Write a Code) for Prime Number?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Operator Overloading, method overloading and method overriding .

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Explain your Project?

Me: Answered(Project was based on Android+JSP+MySQL (Everything was Deployed on Cloud)).

(Now from here for next 15min My interview was On Cloud Computing)

Interviewer: Services used by you in AWS?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: VPC Concept?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: As I can see in your resume you have made a project on AWS also Explain it?

Me: Answered(Project was “Created Application Architecture in Cloud with Private and Public Subnets”).

Finally, TR was completed, HR/MR started asking questions

MR/HR: What do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

MR/HR: Why BCA then MCA, not B.Tech?

MR/HR: what do you about IT sector?

MR/HR: Night Shift and Package?

MR/HR: What do you know about TCS?

MR/HR: Reallocation?

MR/HR: Do you know anyone who is working for TCS?

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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