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TCS Interview Experience | Codevita-9 2020

  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020

There are three rounds for this coding competition. Competition is divided into two zones, I am from the Kolkata zone.

Round 1: This round is of 24 hours where you can choose your 6 hours according to your comfortability. After the start, you will get a random six-question. Question is from every part of DSA/DAA and at least one mathematical computation question and Dynamic programming. This time students get selected with one question, this may vary year by year according to the submission. I solved three out of six.

The result of round 1 was announced on 1st September and I qualified for the second round as well as for the interview.

Interview:-  After the result announcement, I got an interview call after 10 days and within two-day, the interview gets scheduled. My interview was going to be virtually on a video conferencing platform. On the day of the interview, I was instructed to sit ready before 10 am sharp but I wait in the lobby for 6 hours and finally I got a mobile call from one of the interviewers for an interview. I entered in the conference there are three panelists from technical (Interviewer 1), managerial( Interviewer 2), and HR (Interviewer 3).

Interviewer 3: Hello! XYZ good afternoon.

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Interviewer 3: Can you show me your Government ID proof.

Me: shown

Interviewer 3: Let start with technical questions first.

interviewer 3 passes to interviewer 1.

Interviewer 1: Good afternoon XYZ

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Interviewer 1: Tell me about your self.

Me: Told. ( Prepare for this question in advance, this is the first impression)

Interviewer 1: What is your favorite subject from academics.

Me: Data structure and algorithm

Interviewer 1: One question from Python.

Me: I said, I used python only for machine learning (I mentioned Python in my CV).

Interviewer 1: It’s okay, nothing to worry. Tell me about the different control statements in c/c++.

Me: Due to the first question I was getting a little nervous and I didn’t get the meaning of the control statement. Then Interviewer 1 give me an example as continue, break, then I explained these with a good example and he was satisfied with my answer.

Interviewer 1: Tell me about inheritance.

Me: Told.

Interviewer 1: Can you give me a real-life example.

Me: Explained with an example of Vehicle and bike.

Interviewer 1: Can we achieve multiple inheritances in java.

Me: I told yes and explained to them about the interface.

Interviewer 1: Give me an example of multilevel inheritance.

Me: I told to them with an example.

Interviewer 1: What is normalization.

Me: Told with the type of normalization.

Interviewer 1: Tell me about your Internship.

Me: Told a brief introduction about the work and technology stack I used.

Some more questions on the Internship technology stack.

Interviewer 1 passed to Interviewer 2

Interviewer 2 did some general talk and then start with a question.

Interviewer 1: Why you do not try to change your database from PostgreSQL to Mysql or Oracal in your internship.

Me: Told the reason.

Interviewer 1: Suppose you completed your work but your team leader didn’t give you credit for your work. What you will do?

Me: I told them that I will go and talk with him and ask for my mistakes and try to rectify them. ( Interviewer 2 told, he like my answer)

Interviewer 1: Suppose if the team leader is not ready to talk with you. What you will do?

Me: Told my view and he gets quite impressed.

Some more questions on the internship about the team, work, etc.

Interviewer 2: Do you have any questions.

Me: I asked my question.

Interviewer 2 passed to Interviewer 3

Interviewer 3: Are you comfortable to reallocate.

Me: I told them that I love traveling and I am living out from home after the 10th board.

Interviewer 3: If the company reallocates you for Chennai then are you comfortable as this place has a totally different environment from the north.

Me: I told them that where I go all the places are new to me. So, I can get comfortable anywhere.

Interviewer 3: Okay, it’s over our TR team will contact you soon Thank you.

Me: Thank you, sir.

My interview finished in around 40min. This was my first interview experience, before my interview I read a lot of previous interview experience which help me to be confident. So, I suggest everyone read as many as you can.

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