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TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2020

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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Hi, I am from Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I am a Computer Science Engineer. Similar to last year this year too TCS organized its online coding Contest named Codevita. It was in the month of August. I participated in the same and I would like to share my Codevita and my interview experience and also how I made it to TCS Ninja Role. Happy Reading!!

Round 1: The first round was an Online Coding Round which consisted of a total of 6 questions, and we were given 6 hours in total. I was able to solve only 1.5 questions. The questions were basically based on Math concepts and 1-2 questions were even Dynamic programming based. The exam was on 15th August and after 10-15 days I received a mail regarding my performance saying that I have clear the first round of Codevita.

Round 2: After a few days I again received a mail from TCS which said that based on my Codevita performance they are likely to conduct an interview round with me. So it was on 24th August 2020 my interview was Scheduled. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the interview was totally conducted through a virtual model on the WEBEX platform. There were three rounds for interview-Technical, Managerial, HR, and also there were three panels one for each round.

  1. Technical Round– At first they started with a normal conversation like How You Are Doing, How was your day, etc just to make a comfortable environment. Then the first panel asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me about the programming languages I know and asked me which is the language I am the most comfortable working with. I told him that I prefer python most. Then he asked some questions related to python and later he also gave me two programs to run and asked me to also explain the logic which I have used. The questions were from easy to medium level.

    As I also mentioned the technology named BIG DATA in my resume, so he even put up some questions on the same.

    Then he switched to asking some questions on computer science core subjects like DBMS, OS, etc.

  2. Managerial Round-This round will happen only after clearing the technical round. It was taken up by the second panel in the call.

    He asked me some situational based questions like what will you do if you receive one offer from TCS giving you X salary and other offer giving you X×5 salary simultaneously. He asked me 3-4 questions in this round. This round is basically to check your behavioral aptitude and how you are able to handle the situations from your end.

  3. HR Round-After completing the TR & MR round I was asked to give my HR round. This was an easy round as compared to two above two rounds.

    He asked me some basic questions like about my educational qualification, why you want to join TCS, are you ready to relocate, are you ready for night shifts, etc.

    After completing all the rounds the panels then Wished me Good Luck and told me that I will be notified about my final results through the mail from our HR team.

It was after 10 days that I received a mail from TCS saying that based on your Codevita performance and subsequent interview process we are happy to inform you that you are shortlisted for Ninja Offer with TCS. 

My happiness knew no limit that day!!

Hope this article helps. ALL THE BEST!!

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