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Target Corporation Interview Experience | Campus Hiring 2021 passout batch

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Round 1: ​Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (on AMCAT)

The test had 3 sections :

1. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

2. CS core subject questions [mainly on OOP, OS, Networks]

3. to response2 coding problems [problems on Array and string manipulation(dp)]

Round 2:  ​Technical Interview

The interview was held virtually in Smartmeet, a peer-to-peer video call web application. There were two members in the panel. We started by introducing ourselves. The following coding questions were asked (to type the code in the preferred language, I chose Java.):

●Fibonacci series: I gave the approach of using dynamic programming. The next question asked was why dynamic programming and what’s the timecomplexity for the written code.

●Count the occurrences of duplicates in a string: I wrote an approach by using a 26 length array to store the alphabet count. Then they told it will time complexity work only on alphabets and what if some special characters were there in the string.

●Detecting loop in a linked list:  They asked how could linked list algorithm fora be created and what’s its purpose and briefly explain about the algorithmfor loop detection in linked list with the time complexity.

●Reverse a linked list: Asked to write the code.

●Binary Search: Asked to write the code.

Since I’ve mentioned Java as the preferred language in resume they asked some questions on Java. Also, sorting algorithms and their time complexity were asked. I’ve put OpenCV as a skill but not mentioned the project in the resume, so they asked about the project.

The interviewers were friendly and also cooperative. There was network issue during the process but it went smooth after a while and the complete technical round took approximately 1 hour. One with a good understanding of the data structures and its functioning can perform their best in this round. And also should be thorough with the resume.

Round 3: ​HR Interview

It was a virtual meeting in Zoom. The interviewer asked the following:

●Introduce yourself

●Why do you choose a programming career

●Your experience in team management

●Gave a scenario and asked how will you react

●Your strengths

●The greatest achievement in your life

●Your weaknesses

●Asked about the recent project that I’ve mentioned in resume

●Any negative experience on teamwork

●What you think you have to do before coming to Target, if you’re placed

●Why Target

●Any questions for me

The interview took around 45-50 min. All the questions were asked according to the answer I gave on the previous one. Some points were also asked repeatedly to check if the responce changes or not

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Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2020
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