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Random forest approach is supervised nonlinear classification and regression algorithm. Classification is a process of classifying a group of datasets in categories or classes. As… Read More
Stem and Leaf plot is a technique of displaying the frequencies with which some classes of values may occur. It is basically a method of… Read More
Random Forest approach is a supervised learning algorithm. It builds the multiple decision trees which are known as forest and glue them together to urge… Read More
Polynomial Regression is a form of linear regression in which the relationship between the independent variable x and dependent variable y is modeled as an… Read More
One of the most popular or well established Machine Learning technique is Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA ). It is mainly used to solve classification problems… Read More
Association Rule Mining in R Language is an Unsupervised Non-linear algorithm to uncover how the items are associated with each other. In it, frequent Mining… Read More
In statistics, Logistic Regression is model that takes response variables (dependent variable) and features (independent variables) to determine estimated probability of an event. Logistic model… Read More
Hierarchical clustering is an Unsupervised non-linear algorithm in which clusters are created such that they have a hierarchy(or a pre-determined ordering). For example, consider a… Read More
Density-Based Clustering of Applications with Noise(DBScan) is an Unsupervised learning Non-linear algorithm. It does use the idea of density reachability and density connectivity. The data… Read More
K Means Clustering in R Programming is an Unsupervised Non-linear algorithm that cluster data based on similarity or similar groups. It seeks to partition the… Read More
lm() function in R Language is a linear model function, used for linear regression analysis. Syntax: lm(formula) Parameters: formula: model description, such as x ~… Read More
Logistic regression in R Programming is a classification algorithm used to find the probability of event success and event failure. Logistic regression is used when… Read More
Random Forest in R Programming is an ensemble of decision trees. It builds and combines multiple decision trees to get more accurate predictions. It’s a… Read More
The Poisson distribution represents the probability of a provided number of cases happening in a set period of space or time if these cases happen… Read More
Predictive analysis in R Language is a branch of analysis which uses statistics operations to analyze historical facts to make predict future events. It is… Read More