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Backbone.js is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript framework designed to develop single-page applications (SPAs) that run entirely in the browser. It is an implementation of… Read More
Introduction to MVC Design Pattern:  MVC stands for Model View Controller. Model–view–controller is a software design pattern commonly used for developing user interfaces, data, and… Read More
Bundling is a feature of the MVC framework in the .NET Framework that allows developers to combine multiple CSS and JavaScript files into a single… Read More
Over the last few years, websites have shifted from simple HTML pages with a bit of CSS to incredibly complex applications with thousands of developers… Read More
Caching is the data store just like a database but slightly it is different cache stores, its data in memory so it does not interact… Read More
The goal of this article is to provide a good understanding of the MVC pipeline. The life cycle is basically is set of certain stages… Read More
In this article, we will see what is Configure and ConfigureService methods. Basically, these two methods play a very important role in startup class. The… Read More
Scaffolding is used to define the code-generation framework used in web applications. It uses T4 templates to generate basic controllers and views for the models.… Read More

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