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Tag Archives: Linux-system-commands

vmstat command in Linux/Unix is a performance monitoring command of the system as it gives the information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, disk and… Read More
groupmod command in Linux is used to modify or change the existing group on Linux system. It can be handled by superuser or root user.… Read More
Groups in Linux refer to the user groups. In Linux, there can be many users of a single system, (normal user can take uid from… Read More
This command in Linux is used to instruct the hardware to stop all the CPU functions. Basically, it reboots or stops the system. If the… Read More
time command in Linux is used to execute a command and prints a summary of real-time, user CPU time and system CPU time spent by… Read More
passwd command in Linux is used to change the user account passwords. The root user reserves the privilege to change the password for any user… Read More
history command is used to view the previously executed command. This feature was not available in the Bourne shell. Bash and Korn support this feature… Read More
chage command is used to view and change the user password expiry information. This command is used when the login is to be provided for… Read More
kill command in Linux (located in /bin/kill), is a built-in command which is used to terminate processes manually. kill command sends a signal to a… Read More
chpasswd command is used to change password although passwd command can also do same. But it changes the password of one user at a time… Read More
clear is a standard Unix computer operating system command that is used to clear the terminal screen. This command first looks for a terminal type… Read More
bg command in linux is used to place foreground jobs in background. Syntax: bg [job_spec ...] job_spec may be: %n : Refer to job number… Read More
fg command in linux used to put a background job in foreground. Syntax: fg [job_spec] job_spec may be: %n : Refer to job number n.… Read More
The shutdown command in Linux is used to shutdown the system in a safe way. You can shutdown the machine immediately, or schedule a shutdown… Read More
sudo (Super User DO) command in Linux is generally used as a prefix of some command that only superuser are allowed to run. If you… Read More