edquota Command in Linux with Examples

edquota command in Linux is used to edit user/group quotas. We can specify one or more users/groups on the command line. If instead of a number is given in the place of user/group name it is treated as a UID/GID. For each user/group, a short-lived file is made with an ASCII representation of the present disk quotas for that user/group, and an editor is then invoked on the file. The quotas can then be modified or new quotas can be added. Setting a quota to zero indicates that no quota should be imposed. Users are permitted to exceed their soft limits for a grace period which will be specified per file system. Once the grace period has expired, the soft limit is enforced as a tough limit. Only the super-user(sudo) may edit quotas.


edquota [-rm] [-u] [-F formatname] [-p username] [-f filesystem] username ...
edquota [-rm] -g [-F formatname] [-p groupname] [-f filesystem] groupname ...
edquota [-rm] -P [-F formatname] [-p projectname] [-f filesystem] projectname ...
edquota [-u|g|-P] [-F formatname] [-f filesystem] -t
edquota [-u|g|-P] [-F formatname] [-f filesystem] -T username|groupname|projectname ...

Working with edquota Command in Linux

1. Edit the user quota. This is the default.

edquota -u username

 Edit the user quota.

2. Edit the group quota.

edquota -g groupname

Edit the group quota.

3. Edit the remote quota (via RPC).

edquota [-u|-g] -r username | groupname

Edit the remote quota (via RPC).

4. Copy data from a prototype user/group. If –always-resolve is used, then always try to resolve the name, even if it is composed only of digits.

edquota [-u|-g] -p prototype_name username | groupname 

5. Edit quota for specified format (ie. don’t perform format auto detection). Possible format names are: vfsold, vfsv0, rpc , xfs.

edquota [-u|-g] -F vfsv0 username | groupname

6. Perform specified operations only for the given file system.

edquota [-u|-g] -f filesystem username | groupname

7. Edit the soft time limits for each file system. Time units of ’seconds’, ’minutes’, ’hours’, and ’days’ are understood.

edquota [-u|-g] -t 12 username | groupname
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